The year that was may not have been the best for many Filipinos. But if there’s one thing that 2020 has taught us, is that Pinoy entrepreneurs are resilient, creative, and innovative. Here are some of our favorite locally made products featured in the Go Lokal Facebook Page in the last month.

1. This Pandan Bayong bag from SAFFY Inc. is a reusable handwoven bag that makes any gift more special. Wrapping your gifts with these products lessen plastic and paper wastes. It’s perfect for any kind of gift, giveaways, or business product packages. 

2. This Ultimate Chocolate Bar Soap from The Soap Farm Ph is delectable hand and body soap made from natural products such as organic virgin coconut oil and cacao essence. Talk about having all the things you love in one item! 

3. Zarah Juan is a local social and cultural enterprise showcasing Philippine designs through its wide array of collections—bags, footwear, and accessories. It commits to creating world-class products that depict modern design but reflect rich Filipino culture and creativity. 

4. Nothing beats quality time with the ones you love. This Hickory All Bamboo Couple Watch from Kawayan is made of wood, which comes with adjustable straps to fit any desired wrist size. The best part is that you can engrave a special message at the watch’s back. 

5. If bags made from unique materials are your thing, this one’s for you. The items from Mabaysay by Eva Marie Arts & Craft are made from Tikog leaves, which makes their products eco-friendly and fashionable at the same time. 

6. Stay chic and stylish with this pair of handwoven rattan earrings from Crissander. Let this intricately designed earpiece dangle elevate your outfit. 

7. Founded in 2016, Kaayo Modern Mindanao is a fashion brand that curates and showcases the beautiful collections of all things Mindanao. It commits to providing unique personal style that comes with creativity while honoring the exemplary skills of local artisans. As an enterprise, it seeks to empower women and provide sustainable livelihood to local communities. 

8. Looking for an “all-in-one” bag that can carry all your essentials? Check out AKABA’s Classic Alumno Knapsack in Khaki Inabel Ilocos material if you’re into basic yet timeless pieces. This locally-made bag features a fully woven exterior, a laptop compartment, a luggage sleeve, and reinforced straps for maximum comfort. Get this and more from AKABA outlets and online stores now!

9. Grab a bite of the famous cookie from Pampanga with the delicious San Nicolas cookies from Pan Plaza Online. Traditional buttery shortbread-like cookies are a popular delicacy in the province, not only because of exceptional taste, but also because of their rich history.)

10. Wow Carmen Handicraft is a Davao del Norte-based social enterprise that specializes in handcrafting an array of products made from dried water hyacinth stalks. Its collection includes bags, footwear, rugs, carpets, tabletop decor, and planter baskets. Each piece is handwoven by..) and each piece is handwoven by women artisans in the local community of Carmen.