Farming near Chocolate Hills by Julius Tonco (PWD, painted using mouth)

Bohol meets Imperial Manila – a group art exhibition

Farming near Chocolate Hills by Julius Tonco (PWD, painted using mouth)

Bohol, a province in the Philippines, is a land of rich culture and heritage, and it is rapidly emerging as a hub of economic progress. Despite the geographical and cultural differences between Bohol and Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, there is a profound mutual respect and admiration between the two places. Bohol can learn a lot from Manila, and vice versa.

The Bohol-Buhol art group and The Art District Gallery have come together to host an art exhibition to celebrate the unique cultural exchange between these two places. The exhibition, titled “Manila x Boholaims to showcase the perspectives of Boholano artists on Manila and its culture, while also highlighting the resilience and authenticity of Boholano culture.

The Movie in My Mind by Sylvia Gonser (PWD)

The “Manila x Bohol” exhibition is a testament to the power of art to bridge cultural divides and foster mutual understanding and appreciation. Through this exhibition, the artists hope to shatter any outdated stereotypes and prejudices about Bohol and its people. Instead, they want to showcase the region’s immense talent and creativity and invite people from all over to experience the vibrant cultural offerings of Bohol.

This exhibition is a celebration of art, culture, and diversity, and an event not to be missed. It is an opportunity to witness the beauty of the merging of these two cultures and to gain a deeper appreciation for the unique perspectives of Boholano artists. Whether you are an art lover, a cultural enthusiast, or simply curious about the world around you, “Manila x Bohol” promises to be an unforgettable experience.

Nostalgia in the Fort of Saint by Leah Luminarias

The following are the participating artists: Anna Julia Rosario, Elvin Vitor, Fermin Tac-an, Geovanni Abing, Glen Lumantao, Guy Custodio, Henri Cainglet, Irish Galon, Jhacky Curambao, Jeffrey Sisican, Joey Labrador, Jonathan Manigo, Joseph Ingking, Joseph Romero, Julius Tongco, Jumjum Ouano, Lea Lutminarias, Lito Busgano, Lino Jamisola, Lloyd Lusica, Lucell Larawan, Ma. Sylvia Gonser, Marc John Israel, Medardo Olaco, Meshah Salutan, Nicole Asares, Pedro Angco Jr., Sam Penaso, Talimbaw Kafe, Victor Kim Naquila, and Yoyo.

The “Manila x Bohol” opening exhibit will be held on Saturday, June 1, 2024, 7 p.m. at The Art District, 2nd floor, Calvo Building, Escolta, Manila.

For more information or inquiries, email or contact on Viber (+63) 917-3261003.

Bahin sa Abot by Jonathan Manigo