The "Endless Vistas of the Mind" exhibit at The Art Gallery in Escolta, Manila.

‘Endless Vistas of the Mind’ featured at The Art District

The “Endless Vistas of the Mind” exhibit at The Art Gallery in Escolta, Manila.

From imagining mysterious water worlds, to envisaging the abstract such as the soul or emotion, to ruminating poignant moments from distant years – the human mind is more than a receptor of environmental stimuli, it is a divine gift with the ability to ideate poignant images and forms, as well as dream of the future and transform this dream into reality.

In “Endless Vistas of the Mind,” which is curated by John Nieto, seasoned and rising contemporary Filipino visual artists come together in an exhibition that reveals how an artist’s mind is gifted by the Creator with rare genius to turn memories, discoveries, and philosophies into vivid images and tactile forms that engage the senses. Hence, the show features a diversified curation of genres, techniques and media, ranging from the realistic to the abstract; from paper to metal, as well as from paintings on paper to functional sculpture. Artists featured in the show are Bing Siochi, Vic Bachoco, Baltazar Fornaliza, Wilfredo Rufon, Meneline Wong, M.D., Roland Rosacay, Emmanuel Salva, Jimboy Santos, Anita Del Rosario, Bernie Glomar, Noel Nicolas, Nilo Evangelista, and special guest artist Rafael “Popoy” Cusi.

In a similar light, “Endless Vistas of the Mind” is a validation of the ability of a resolute, visionary mind, to conjure images of the future and translate them into the now. This is underscored in the launching of the exhibit alongside the unveiling of a more spacious gallery that has expanded from 60 to 90 sq.m., and which now reveals an uninterrupted row of elegant 20th-century floor to ceiling windows, characteristic of the exquisite pre-war architecture of Calvo Building, a heritage structure. While this is only a preview of the Nieto family’s vision for the gallery (with plans of creating a museum), the move for expansion is a manifestation of the desire to welcome more artists to The Art District family, and display more dynamic works of art.

“Endless Vistas of the Mind” shines the light on the uniqueness of an artist’s mind and its ability to think, imagine, remember, will and sense; and celebrates its power and persistence to convert visions of diversification and growth into reality.

“Endless Vistas of the Mind” runs until September 9, 2023. The Art District (TAD) is located on the second level of Calvo Building, Escolta St., Binondo, Manila. The gallery is open Mondays through Saturdays (closed on Sundays) from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information, contact Lucas through (+63) 917- 3261003 or email

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