The Art District inside Calvo Building in Escolta, Manila.

The Art District Escolta features abaca, Catanduanes artists in a different light

The Art District inside Calvo Building in Escolta, Manila.

Catanduanes artists and the province’s main product, the abaca, are taking center stage at The Art District (TAD) Escolta.

Dubbed as “ABAKAsining: The Pride of Catanduanes,” the exhibit aims to put the abaca paper in a totally different light, and pave the way to the first-ever exhibit of The Catanduanes Artistic Minds and Outstanding Talents (CAMOT) artists in the National Capital Region (NCR).

CAMOT takes pride as Catanduanes is hailed as the abaca capital of the Philippines. In the art industry, the consciousness for abaca paper as an alternative to the customary art canvas and as an art medium is gradually gaining ground. The move to use organic and indigenous material opens limitless possibilities and opportunities for the abaca. The market potential for abaca fibers in the pulp and paper industry is strengthened with the advocacy for ecological sustainability.

Tough. Durable. Flexible. Versatile. Ideally Textured. Eco-friendly. The unique characteristics of abaca paper are akin to the artists of Catanduanes. Enjoy the laudable curation of the diverse range of impressive masterpieces on abaca canvas. The exhibition is a testament to the versatility of abaca and the ingenuity of the featured artists.

The art exhibit is curated by Manila Vice Mayor Yul Servo Nieto.

ABAKAsining: Pride of Catanduanes” runs until October 14, 2023 at TAD, Room 205 Calvo Bldg., Escolta St., Binondo, Manila.

Escolta Street, known for its row of elegant art-deco buildings designed by notable architects, has a long history of being the business and cultural hub of the Philippines. TAD’s mission is to help in the existing effort to restore Escolta’s rightful place as the distinguished cultural foundation of Manila. By providing a venue for contemporary art that is accessible and inspirational, TAD helps recapture Manila’s legacy for being the center of arts and culture in the Philippines.

The gallery is open Mondays through Saturdays (closed on Sundays) from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information, contact Lucas through 0917-3261003 or email: