Osso Bucco

In my previous article, I wrote about how pleasing and relaxing it is to be in Chateau Hestia. The serenity the place alone gives is enough for a very satisfying experience. But wait, there’s more to appreciate.

Chateau Hestia also offers mouthwatering European dishes. They have Italian, German, and Austrian dishes that would make you feel like you have traveled to Europe. The food is good enough that it can be compared with the F&B offerings of any five-star hotel. You’ve got to come and visit the place so you can check out what I’m talking about.

I loved their five cheese pizza. It’s the best multiple cheese pizza I’ve ever tried. It’s so flavorful that until now I’m still dreaming of having it again. The Prosciutto Arugula pizza is also one of my favorites. The cold cuts toppings are very generous and tasty. Their signature salad is also highly recommended. You would love the mixed flavors of the dressing with creamy cheese and mixed nuts.

Burnt Cheesecake

One of their entrees, the Osso Bucco & Risotto, is also a must try. It’s a melt in your mouth beef shank, sumptuous risotto and gremolata – a house specialty since they opened. I also recommend their pumpkin fried chicken, which is very crunchy and is cooked perfectly. My personal top choice is the homemade Chateau Hestia sausage board. It’s served with mustard, their house sauerkraut, my new favorite, and potatoes. Their Kummelbraten is the best version of lechon I’ve ever tried. Their pan-fried salmon and chicken geschnetzeltes are also must-haves. For dessert, you should try their burnt cheesecake. It’s very thick, creamy and so cheesy. If you couldn’t finish it because of the generous serving, you could request to have your leftovers taken out.

You can check Chateau Hestia’s availability and F&B offerings on their website www.chateauhestia.com or Facebook page.

A European feast in a relaxing atmosphere only at Chateau Hestia.