‘Designing The Future’ is the theme for the first-ever Manila Interior Design Summit

mids event poster.

How do we, as a people, want the future of interior design to look?

That’s a million-dollar question that has no single answer, yet one that needs to be addressed to ensure that tomorrow’s design decisions are sustainable and future-proof.

This will be the focus of the very first Manila Interior Design Summit (MIDS) that happens on April 10 to 12, 2023. Organized by the Philippine Institute of Interior Designers (PIID), the inaugural theme is “Designing the Future.” 

“We often consider the future in the way we live and the decisions that we make daily. As interior designers and shapers of the built environment, now more than ever, the call to action is to sculpt spaces that are future-proof, sustainable, and also preserve humanity and culture,” said Hannah Dumlao, PIID communications head.

The three-day summit will gather esteemed speakers from the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, and Singapore. To celebrate the future of design, society, and creativity, PIID has prepared activities that include a Creative Walk in partnership with the BGC Art Foundation on April 10, a two-day CPD seminar titled “GRN META: Metamorphosis of Green Spaces” on April 11-12, and the launch of the APSDA Awards.

“By asking these questions and hearing the answers of different people from the various sectors of the design environment who have begun to explore the aspects of technology, culture, sustainability, and green design, we hope to contribute to the movement of designing consciously for the future,“ she said.

IDr. Paolo Castro, executive director of Manila Interior Design Summit; IDr. Ivy Almario, president of Philippine Institute of Interior Designers (PIID); IDr. Joy Ejercito, PIID board member; IDr. Leslie Ledesma, PIID board member

The main event of MIDS is a seminar for interior designers, architects, and allied professionals focusing on strategies and best practices for designing the future in a sustainable manner. 

It is poised to explore the key principles of sustainable design—such as minimizing waste, reducing energy consumption, and using environmentally friendly materials—and how these principles can be applied in interior design and architectural projects.

The seminar will also emphasize the importance of collaboration between different designers of the built environment, suppliers, and stakeholders in creating sustainable and innovative design solutions.

Aside from the two-day design symposium, PIID has also collaborated with a few collectives to present, promote, and help empower the creativity and vision of the Filipino. Creativity is a huge ingredient in cities, and MIDS aims to push the industry forward so they can better showcase their personality and soul through innovative design.