New series of seminars at SMX aims to make an impact in the world of business

Francis Kong. Photo by Kenneth M. del Rosario

SMX Convention Center has, over the years, become a platform for learning and development, helping individuals expand their horizons through effective and meaningful events. They do this once more with the introduction of SMX Academix, a series of dynamic seminars aimed at professionals looking to elevate their skills and perspectives in today’s ever-evolving business world.

By collaborating with industry experts, the seminars bring diverse insights and experiences to attendees. At a recent media briefing, SMX Academix proudly announced its collaboration with the Practical Leadership Institute.

This partnership is about bringing impactful speakers like Francis Kong and Raymund Sanchez to the forefront. These names serve as catalysts for change, addressing critical topics like sustainable business practices and the nuances of succession planning. Respected in the industry, their sessions challenge norms and inspire action.

Kong and Sanchez were the first two headline speakers in the first of five seminars in the series titled “Why build something that will not last?” held at the SMX Aura in April. 

Kong is an inspirational speaker, author, and business consultant who has made significant contributions in the field of business and personal coaching. Sanchez, on the other hand, is an executive coach, inspirational speaker, trainer, and author specializing in assisting senior leaders to solidify their leadership legacy for future generations. 

“Our goal is to transform our venues into active platforms that foster growth, inspire, and drive personal and professional development through these seminars, facilitating the exchange of actionable insights and strategies for success and innovation,” said Michael Albana, Vice President and General Manager of SMX Convention Center. 

These days, there is still so much value in attending face-to-face seminars like these, despite—or perhaps because of—too much information available online. It’s never just about the data, interactions with speakers are essential, as well as the shared experiences with fellow attendees, and the nuances that can’t be captured in a tweet or post.

During their respective talks, Kong and Sanchez delivered energetic and informative sessions. Both touched on, among many others, the importance of succession planning. It’s a reality many businesses face, which is why they should plan and execute this properly to ensure the continuity and relevance of their companies in a rapidly changing landscape.

They also touched on human dynamics, fears, and hopes. Their insightful and sometimes funny stories center on adaptability and resilience.

Photo by Kenneth M. del Rosario

SMX Academix is about sparking conversations, igniting passions, and fostering growth. It’s about unlocking potential and creating a lasting impact, one session at a time. As SMX Academix unveils its lineup and schedules, it invites individuals to join a community dedicated to continuous learning and meaningful connections.

For more information and updates, visit for schedules of upcoming events. 

Kenneth M. del Rosario
Kenneth has been writing for the Philippine Daily Inquirer for more than 17 years, covering travel, food, motoring, technology, real estate, and business, among others.