Takbo Cavinturismo a success; bodes well for upcoming sunset run in Cavinti 

finishers receive this medal made of brazilian pinewood. photo by Kenneth m. del rosario.

The first-ever Takbo Cavinturismo, a running event that showcased the natural wonders of Cavinti, proved to be a success, leaving participants and organizers eager for more. With 148 dedicated runners participating, the event not only promoted fitness and camaraderie but also gave a significant boost to local tourism.

The primary goal of Takbo Cavinturismo was to provide runners with a unique experience that celebrated the breathtaking landscapes of Cavinti, Laguna. To this end, the event achieved its goal.

The success of Takbo Cavinturismo, held on June 11, not only delighted participants but also set the stage for bigger and better editions in the coming years. With plans to hold this event annually, passionate runners are already marking their calendars, eagerly anticipating a planned sunset run in the same area this December.

lumot lake. photo by Kenneth m. del rosario.

During the run, participants were treated to some of the town’s most scenic destinations. The 6-kilometer route led runners to the stunning Caliraya Lake, while the 12-kilometer run took them along the enchanting Lumot Lake. 

The 21-kilometer category, on the other hand, brought runners to the captivating Bumbungan EcoPark, while marathoners who took on the 42-kilometer challenge were rewarded with a path through the Underground River and Caves Complex. 

There’s even a “9 Holes In 1” special category, a 5-kilometer run that guided participants through Holes 1 to 9 of the Graham Marsh Golf Course at the Caliraya Springs Golf Club. 

Runners participate in the 42-kilometer category which traverses the Sierra Madre Mountain range in Cavinti. Photo: Artist Calupig/PonD News Asia

Despite the presence of other notable running events on the same day, such as the Ironman 70.3 in Subic, Takbo Cavinturismo drew an impressive turnout. This accomplishment further solidified the event’s success.

The impact of Takbo Cavinturismo extended beyond the running community. Many runners and their companions arrived a day early and stayed an extra day to fully immerse themselves in the charm of Cavinti. The influx of visitors, organizers said, resulted in increased hotel bookings and a surge in tourism.

While celebrating their accomplishment, participants were delighted to receive a unique finisher’s medal made of Brazilian pinewood. In a heartwarming gesture, the organizers also handed out sambalilo, traditional sombreros made from dried pandan leaves, which showcased the region’s local craftsmanship. This not only celebrated the runners’ achievement but also contributed to the promotion of local products. 

finshers are rewarded by a nice spread of kakanin and hot coffee.

Additionally, a delectable spread of kakanin, including dinuldol, suman, and puto, accompanied by hot coffee, awaited all participants, providing a well-deserved treat after the strenuous race.

The organizers expressed their gratitude to the enthusiastic participants and hoped for continued support at upcoming events.

In a statement posted on the official Facebook Page of Takbo Cavinturimo after the event, the organizers said: “We weren’t the fastest, but we made it. We weren’t the best, but we were better (persons) than when we began. At the end of the day, #TakboCavinturismo is just a water station we pass through to recharge as we continue running the one true race… the one race we need to #finishstrong and #finishwell.”

lumot lake. photo by Kenneth m. del rosario.