World Search Conference in Manila gathers SEO experts from around the world

In a groundbreaking move for the digital marketing industry, the Philippines is set to host its very first World Search Conference (WOSCon), slated for September 23-24, 2023, at the Winford Manila Resort and Casino. This two-day event promises to be an unprecedented gathering of global search engine optimization (SEO) experts, with a focus on unlocking the potential of the Filipino workforce in the industry.

William Jones, one of the event organizers and a West Virginia native who has called the Philippines home for the past five years, has revealed some interesting insights. With over two decades of experience in the SEO industry, Jones has become a vital figure in the country’s digital landscape.

“When I first arrived in the Philippines, I realized that the country was teeming with talent in the field of virtual assistance (VA), yet it remained largely unnoticed on the global SEO stage,” he said. In fact, the Philippines is one of the countries with the largest number of people engaged in the industry, thanks to its proficient English-speaking workforce and competitive rates.

With this wealth of untapped potential, Jones and Kherk Roldan, a prominent SEO entrepreneur, embarked on a mission to bring global search engine optimization experts to the Philippines. Their goal? To introduce Filipinos to industry leaders and inspire them to pursue careers in VA and digital marketing.

Jones’ forthcoming talk at WOSCon 2023, titled “Mindset of Success,” is set to be a highlight of the event. Drawing on his personal journey and the challenges he faced, Jones will delve into the crucial mindset required for success in the competitive world of search engine optimization. He’ll touch on themes such as shedding the entitlement mindset, overcoming jealousy, and dealing with detractors.

The conference boasts a stellar lineup of speakers, including Angeline Licerio, Glen Dimaandal, and Jason Acidre, who will cover diverse topics ranging from artificial intelligence to link-building.

William Jones Marketing, a US-based search engine optimization and website design firm, is proof of Jones’ entrepreneurial spirit. While his business primarily serves clients in the US, Jones is dedicated to helping the country’s SEO industry reach its peak potential.

With an anticipated attendance of over 500 participants, including business owners, digital agencies, and search engine optimization specialists, WOSCon 2023 aims to provide a platform for networking and learning from industry luminaries. Attendees can expect actionable strategies, insights into emerging SEO trends, and the opportunity to expand their global reach through valuable connections.

“I envision this conference as just the beginning of a broader movement to digitalize the Philippines. In the long run, I hope to work toward certifying SEO experts in the country, aligning with the government’s push for digital transformation,” he said.

In a nation where opportunities for growth abound, WOSCon 2023 promises to empower businesses across various sectors, from restaurants and healthcare to real estate and e-commerce, with the power of SEO. 


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