Supporting locally made products is the way to go. That’s certainly true if you’re looking for interesting and unique pasalubong that are of high quality and value.

We checked out the many products that are featured at the Go Lokal! Facebook Page on a regular basis and came out with the list of the most exciting products for the month of September. Here they are:

  1. The Ginger Candy can provide some pain relief for sore throats and can help relieve coughs and colds. Made by Healthy Sweets, it promises to boost immunity to help fight infections.
  1. These handcrafted alfombra slippers from Alfombra – Hannakuchichi Pateros Footwear are comfortable, high-quality, durable, and stylish.
  1. ANMA Lifestyle aims to create and deliver high-quality leather accessories to help people organize things, travels, and adventures. The brand offers a collection of leather accessories, which may come with personalized monogram—from luggage tags, wallets, passport holders, and shoulder bags.
  1. Monogram Style is a go-to brand for personalized jewelry. From vibrant, to bold, to classy, they can put together any piece of jewelry, according to your preferred.
  1. SAFFY Inc. produces sustainable and biodegradable bamboo utensils to better protect the environment. Let’s all ditch the disposable utensils made from plastic materials.
  1. Haspe Design Studio houses world-class furniture pieces that are finely crafted to “meet function and style.” They have been collaborating with skilled wood workers in Bulacan province to produce different furniture items for homes, offices, and outdoor.
  1. 7Grains is a convenient and sustainable “healthy food substitution” Filipino brand, offering healthy food alternatives. Their all-natural products are low in calories and have significantly less sugar and salt than their commercial counterparts.
  1. Momilo Mio’s Cheese Pie is the right kind of sweet indulgence, topped with dairy goodness.
  1. The elegant Oval Turquoise Ring from Blue Flame Handcrafted is a timeless piece of jewelry that is perfect for those who are into classics, but want something a little bit unique.
  1. B&C Healthy Snack Foods Inc.’s Coco Chews are made from real coconuts, and are high in iron, low in fat, cholesterol-free, gluten free, and with no artificial flavors and preservatives!

To shop for these products, visit Shopinas at or any Go Lokal! concept stores and retail outlets nationwide.