Wow Carmen.

If you’re someone who’s into taking home and giving out pasalubong items that are out of the ordinary, you’re in luck. We’ve rounded up 10 of the coolest locally made products featured in Go Lokal’s Facebook Page this month. Here they are: 

LoPa Winery,

* Martina red wine from LoPa Winery. Made from Bignay or miracle fruit, this wine is characterized with deep red color and slightly sweet flavor with a fruity fragrance. Its distinctive mellow taste (with 12.6% alcohol content) is best paired with meat and beef cuisines. Best served chilled.

Henry’s Banig Shop

* Handbags from Henry’s Banig Shop. This brand creates colorful bag designs from handwoven buri, pandan, or seagrass leaves. Each banig is carefully dried, dyed, and weaved by local crafters from Samar. Aside from handbags, this local shop also designs laptop bags and mats.

Lunas Living Oils.

* Massage oil from LUNAS Living Oils. This calm and soothing Beyond Horizons Aromatic Bath & Massage Oil is made with raw living virgin coconut oil and moringa oleifera which naturally moisturizes, softens, soothes, and protects the skin. With balanced aromatic concentrations of bergamot, sweet orange, lemongrass, and juniper berry, it’s aroma therapy in a bottle.

Double Delights Confections.

* Polvoron from Double Delights Confections. This soft and milky polvoron is a favorite among individuals with a sweet tooth. Aside from the classic flavor, Double Delights also offers Polvoron in various flavors: Cashew, Cookies and Cream, Crispies, and Ube variants. Best paired with coffee and tea for every afternoon merienda. 

Lalaine Footwear.

* Strap shoes from Lalaine Footwear. This lightweight strap-on from Lalaine Footwear is made with sotas and genuine shells. Each pair is designed and handmade by local shoemakers. Best partnered with shorts and shirt to create the perfect summer look. 

The Project Beans – Coffee.

* Coffee from The Project Beans – Coffee. Committed to delivering high quality fresh roasted coffee (Robusta, Arabica, and Liberica), the company sources from their own farms and trusted traders. It manufactures and supplies coffee beans, coffee ground, and fresh brewed coffee.

Happy Island.

* Candles from Happy Island. The company’s organic candles have dozens of different scents, ranging from floral to fruity, to better match everyone’s daily mood. Likewise, its collections of wonderful fragrance are perfect to clear one’s headspace while relaxing at home, boosting energy at work, or traveling.

* Placemats from Wow Carmen. These lovely Monstera plant oval placemats is one-of-a-kind. This local store transforms trash to cash by re-purposing water hyacinth into festive-looking handicrafts. Aside from placemats, they also create export-quality slippers, glass coasters, hot pads, and jewelry boxes.