As the family stays safely at home, this does not mean that kids can’t have their Halloween fun this year. Arce Dairy Ice Cream has put together cool “Trick or Treat Kits” for special ice cream chills and thrills, without any toil or trouble.

The kits are available in various themes: Scavenger Hunt, Spider Web, Witches’ Hat, Spooky Monster and Ghost Pops. Each theme comes with activity ideas to engage kiddie creativity and imagination.

The Scavenger Hunt and Spider Web sets both come with one pint of Arce Dairy Ice Cream (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, rocky road, or cookies and cream), one pack of sprinkles, one pack of marshmallows, two wafer sticks, four sugar cones, two ice cream cups, two wooden spoon, a Halloween mask, and a scavenger hunt list or a spider web game, respectively.

The Witches’ Hat set instructs kids on how to make their special cookies and ice cream creations. It includes one pint of Arce Dairy Ice Cream (cookies and cream, mint choco chip, or blueberry cheesecake), four chocolate cookies, four sugar cones, a Halloween mask, and a DIY witches’ hat guide.

The Spooky Monster set, meanwhile, comes with one pint of Arce Dairy Ice Cream (chocolate or vanilla flavors), four chocolate chip cookies, one pack monster eye candy toppers, a Halloween mask, two pieces of foil, and a DIY spooky monster sandwich guide.

Lastly, with the Ghost Pops set, kids can get started by drawing on the pop sticks (these will be the “feet” of the ghosts), then place the eye balls candy toppers into the pops to resemble eyes. Each set contains two pieces vanilla popsicle, two pieces chocolate popsicle, one piece ube popsicle, one pack eye balls candy toppers, one piece Halloween mask, and one DIY ghost pops guide.

“These Halloween kits will definitely be fun not just for kids but also for the whole family. We took extra time to plan the kits to make sure Halloween 2020 will still be fun despite our current situation,” said Ariel Arce, VP operations of Arce Foods Corp.

Each limited-edition kit is available for only P500, excluding delivery fee. Mode of payment are cash on delivery, GCash, and BDO deposit. Kits need to be pre-ordered until October 23 for deliveries on October 26-31. Check out the kits in this link For orders, send a Viber message to 0966-6416663.