Hortz Hotels and Resorts Tagaytay offers modern Filipino way of relaxation

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Tagaytay beckons this summer season as its cool climate offers a respite from the city heat. While many of the accommodations at this tourist destination are in a mid- or high-rise hotel type, Hortz Hotels and Resorts sits on a sprawling property with rooms and villas that offer an ideal staycation for groups to gather and enjoy fresh air and wide-open spaces amid the cooler weather.

Dr. Rolando Hortaleza, president and CEO of Luxnest Corp. that owns and operates Hortz Hotels and Resorts, describes the property as the modern Filipino way of relaxation. The co-founder and former chairman and CEO of proudly Pinoy company Splash Corp. acquired the former Bali Village Hotel three years ago and envisioned it to be a laid-back venue for vacationers who want a truly relaxing Tagaytay experience.

“I wanted to have a place where I can slow down and relax my mind from the corporate pressures of competing against the giant multinational companies. When I first saw the property, I fell in love with it because it is different from the other hotels nearby that have that same high-rise building experience that you can find in the city. Here, there is more grounds and greenery, so you can really enjoy the weather.”

Dr. Rolando Hortaleza (left) and Ovah Rumohr, president and CEO, and managing director, respectively, of Luxnest Corp., owner and operator of Hortz Hotels and Resorts.

Homey feel

Hortz Hotels and Resorts Tagaytay has several room categories that offer a homey feel which suits the location very well. There are Standard Rooms (two pax), Bali Superior Room (four pax), and the De Luxe Room (six pax). For larger groups, there are De Luxe Family Room (10 pax), Bali Family Room (12 pax), Villa Family Room (14 pax), and the Nipa Hut Family Room (19 pax). Room amenities cover the basic modern requirements including a strong Wi-Fi connection, along with free use of the swimming pool.

The newly constructed South Wing boasts of designs inspired by a combination of Japanese and Scandinavian – modern yet simple, uncluttered yet chic. Hortz Hotels is slowly being transformed under this general concept and theme which Dr. Hortaleza loves to call as Japandi.

Aside from being the perfect staycation venues for families, the larger accommodations have also become popular with companies holding their out-of-town events, as the property also has three meeting rooms with another one currently under construction. Those who want to hold destination weddings can also book the hotel’s outdoor space adjacent to its al fresco cocktails and coffee shop Facio.

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Casual and approachable

The property is very pet-friendly. Fur babies can check into the rooms with their families and they are welcome to hang out at the Tipanan Restaurant and the Facio Coffee Shop.

Tipanan offers approachable Filipino cuisine, served family-style to add to the relaxed and unhurried feeling of at-home dining. Aside from the comforting traditional Tagaytay dish Bulalo, diners need to try their signature specialty, the Hortz Bulares which is bulalo that is cooked “pares” style. There are other Filipino favorites such as Crispy Tawilis, Boneless Chicken Inasal, Adobong Pusit sa Gata, Crispy Pata, Lechon Kawali, and Binukang Tilapia Burong Hipon at Mustasa. For dessert or merienda, there are choices of Pinoy faves such as Halo-Halo, Buko Pie, and Sans Rival. Traditionally seasonal fare Bibingka and Puto Bumbong are available here all year long.

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Tipanan’s restaurant ambience matches the comfort food experience with minimalist modern Filipino elements set amid picture windows that gaze out into relaxing views of greenery.

Coffee lovers will enjoy sipping their Sagada-bean brews at Facio, which is located in an open area of the property. There are quiet nooks for hanging out and simply enjoying the solitude that is far removed from life in the urban jungle. To complete the chill-out experience, a live musical act offers enjoyable entertainment on Saturday nights.

Facio Coffee Shop

Pinoy at heart

Luxnest Corp. managing director Ovah Rumohr says that Hortz Hotels and Resorts brings in some influences from their travels overseas, where luxury accommodations offer first-class service.

“Here, we put emphasis on quality, especially in our food. Our original idea was to put up a fine dining restaurant concept that would cater to around 10 guests at the time, but then we found this property in Tagaytay. We translated the fine dining concept into a homey restaurant with five-star service to complete the guest experience with the hotel.”

Tipanan restaurant

As an entrepreneur who offered proudly homegrown products, Dr. Hortaleza is promoting world-class Filipino hospitality at the Hortz Hotel and Resorts. “We started a proudly 100-percent Filipino-owned company in the personal care business that was among the top six choices of the Filipino consumer. In this case, we want to offer a laid-back hospitality concept that has a progressive and modern Filipino approach. We want to offer an enjoyable perspective that highlights the enjoyable Tagaytay experience.

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