Hotel101's new global version of signature HappyRoom

Hotel101 secures ticker symbol ‘HBNB’

Hotel101’s new global version of signature HappyRoom

DoubleDragon’s subsidiary Hotel101 Global Pte. Ltd. has officially reserved the Nasdaq stock exchange ticker symbol “HBNB.”

This step is in line towards Hotel101 Global’s previously announced SPAC listing preparations and given the latest progress, Hotel101 Global expects to sign with its chosen SPAC sponsor the Definitive SPAC Business Combination Merger Agreement in March 2024 to be followed by the official filing of its prospectus subject to the US regulatory approvals.

DoubleDragon expects Hotel101 Global to become the very first Filipino company to list via SPAC in the US Nasdaq Stock Exchange and seen as one of the major brands, concept and business model export of the Philippines, given its Asset-Light business model could become one of the major sources of US Dollar inflow to the Philippines from 2025 onwards.

Why the ticker symbol ‘HBNB’ for Hotel101 Global?

If one studies closely the novel and unique Hotel101 concept simultaneously from a deeper detailed view, its Asset-Light and highly portable business model is exportable to over 100 countries globally, of which the network effect of the brand is expected to be further elevated which should positively benefit all the stakeholders within its ecosystem.

Moreover, the Hotel101 unique concept has never been done in any part of the world before, more so in multiple countries worldwide.

The opportunity that we see globally in the hospitality space is that of standardization because we believe it brings unbeatable efficiency, especially for the mid-end segment. Take for example the budget airline industry–essentially all budget airlines sell one product across the whole industry and that product is the economy seat,” said DoubleDragon chairman Edgar “Injap” Sia II.

For her part, Hotel101 CEO Hannah Yulo-Luccini said, “Eventually, we see Hotel101 rooms to be just like that one iconic hamburger in a global fast-food chain, it is the same no matter where you go–yes, the price changes as costs vary from country to country, but the burger doesn’t change.

Hotel101 is also poised to be known as the most tech-advanced hotel company since its mid-end market typical rooms can optimize the use of technology since the rooms are all the same.

The Hotel101 concept and business model of having standardized 21-sq.m. hotel rooms with one type of room globally in multiple countries backed with titled strata or condominium title that can be enrolled to the Hotel101 App as its core as far as we know does not exist yet anywhere in the world.

Unbeatable efficiency comes from having around five times the usual size of other branded three-star hotel chain as Hotel101 on average has 500 rooms per site, and efficiency brought about by having literally only one type of room. The latest Hotel101 typical room now comes with prefabricated toilets, and standardized flat pack furniture and a single type of bulb within the whole building. A customer literally knows what to expect wherever they may be. Hotel101 is efficient to build, efficient to maintain, efficient to operate. A formula that is expected to naturally result in room rates up to 30-percent cheaper versus any other hotel chain in its category in any specific country.

Hotel101 adopts dynamic pricing on its room rates similar to airline tickets where its room price moves up and down depending on the real-time supply and demand on the chosen date of booking.

The Asset Light Hotel101 concept allows DoubleDragon to generate revenue and income twice, first from the pre-selling of the units, then second after the project is constructed it generates long term recurring revenue from hotel operations.

The Hotel101 App’s new version coming up soon will have self-check in capability, and since it has only one type of inventory in the App, it is very easy to use as there are no other types of rooms to choose from. The efficiency that results from these are expected to bring unmatched value and efficiency to Hotel101 customers.