Now, more than ever, going local is of utmost importance. 

Shopping, eating, and travelling locally, as well as patronizing products made in the country may just be what could help the nation survive the global pandemic and thrive in its aftermath.

This is the thinking behind the “Buy Local, Go Lokal” campaign, which revolves around the powerful message for Filipinos to support MSMEs by shifting their buying patterns towards the consumption and purchase of locally produced and manufactured goods. 

The campaign, launched by the Department of Trade and Industry late June as part of its Go Lokal! initiative, likewise is seen to  instill in Filipinos some degree of responsibility in reviving the economy.  It promotes anything that is Filipino-made—goods produced by our local MSME’s as well as those grown and nurtured by farmers and growers, and services like food retailing and services.

Ultimately, what the campaign hopes to achieve is make Filipino consumers recognize their important role in economic revival and growth—that the simple act of buying local products has tremendous impact on the livelihood of many micro and small business entrepreneurs.

This is especially important nowadays because the quarantine restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in severe economic slowdown, with over 70 percent of stores either in partial or totally no operation.

Aside from “Buy Local, Go Lokal,” the Go Lokal initiative has also been helping Filipino entrepreneurs by sharing “MSME Stories During the ECQ” on its social media accounts to highlight the different initiatives that its suppliers do to extend help to the community in their own little ways. For instance, Bidibidi Enterprise distributed 3,500 pieces of fabric face masks to frontliners and households for free. Some suppliers like Common Room run campaigns to sell products and donate to the healthcare frontliners.