Cafe Agapita

A lot of businesses, big or small, have bore the brunt of the pandemic. Some businesses managed to stay afloat despite the difficult economic situation coupled with stringent health protocols. There are others which bid their last goodbye, calling it quits after suffering huge losses. But there are still other businesses which have seen opportunities amid the gloomy atmosphere, successfully opening their businesses in the middle of the global health crisis. One of them is Cafe Agapita.

Located near the highway of Silang, Cavite, this new coffee shop has become a favorite stopover of travelers going to Tagaytay or Batangas or even those who are returning to Manila. Being the sole coffee shop in the area, it has easily gained following. It has also become the go-to place of motorbike riders who would drive to Tagaytay just for fun.

A family-owned business, this one-stop cafe offers coffee-based and non-coffee based drinks, as well as tea drinks. Among the coffee-based drinks, the tasty Spanish latte is highly recommended. It is a combination of milk, espresso shot, and coconut condensed milk. There is also a selection of fraffe flavors. For non-coffee drinkers, aside from tea-based drinks, you can choose chocolate or white chocolate drinks.

Cafe Agapita’s breakfast meals, pastas, burgers, and sandwiches.

Cafe Agapita also serves your all-time favorite breakfast meals all day such as the twice adobo, bagnet, beef tapa flakes, bistek, bangus belly, and more – all served with rice, fried eggs and achara. You can also try their pastas and salads, of which the aglio olio tuna is also highly recommended. You may also want to try their aglio olio bagnet. Their burgers are also mouth-watering especially their agahan burger, which is made of longganisa patty. Their fanie chicken sandwich and grilled cheese sandwich are also favorites. For dessert, you should check their various cakes and pastries. Some of the choices are the ube-macapuno cheesecake, banoffee cheesecake, oreo cheesecake, and a lot more.

A visit to this cafe when traveling south of the metro or when you just want a fun ride would surely be worth your while. Don’t worry about visiting the place on a full house as it can accommodate a hundred guests or more at a time. For the tired, weary, and hardworking soul, its relaxing ambience, beside of course its delicious comfort food, is definitely a welcome treat.

Caramel Macchiato