Mayet Dela Rosa Fine Jewelry makes it easier for Filipinos to put a sparkle in their style

Photo from Mayet Dela Rosa Facebook Page

To many, jewelry is more than an accessory that serves to beautify and add a touch of luxury to their outfits. Some see jewelry as an investment; others feel a sense of security whenever they wear their favorite rings, bracelets, necklaces, or earrings.

One name that has recently become synonymous with a celebration of affordable luxury in the industry is Mayet Dela Rosa Fine Jewelry. It is a brand for those who carry their stories with them wherever they go.

Mayumi and Richard dela Rosa built the jewelry brand from the ground up. From its humble beginnings in 2006, the couple built the jewelry haven into a brand that caters to the stylish needs of Filipinos, resonating with those who want to put a sparkle in their style.

Mayumi, a chemist, became inspired to venture into the jewelry business while working in her brother’s jewelry shop in Manila. Determined to provide affordable yet remarkable pieces, she established the precursor to Mayet Dela Rosa Fine Jewelry along Recto Avenue, offering a unique blend of buy-and-sell services and custom-made jewelry.

“We wanted to make quality jewelry accessible. The perception was that it had to be expensive. We changed that narrative. We wanted to tell people that they do not have to be OFWs to be able to afford fine jewelry,” said Mayumi, whom the brand was named after. To friends and family, she is nicknamed Mayet.

Queen of Philippine Radio Nicole Hyala models one of Mayet Dela Rosa jewelry

Expanding horizons, one jewelry piece at a time

With its commitment to customer satisfaction, professionalism, and creativity, Mayet Dela Rosa Fine Jewelry has become known for its compassion, integrity, and commitment to the industry. The product range spans custom-made designs, wedding and engagement rings, jewelry repair, and more.

“Our vision is to be one of the country’s most affordable luxury brand jewelers by 2028,” Richard said. At the rate they’re going, the brand is on its way to fulfilling that vision.

The Dela Rosas didn’t stop at just one location. After the success of their first store in Robinsons Las Pinas (as the shop is known today), 14 other locations have opened since, with plans for more this year. Mayumi’s dream of supporting her family and making a difference in the industry has manifested into a thriving business.

“Our first location in Robinsons Las Pinas broke the mold. We wanted to cater to young professionals, offering affordable luxury that defied expectations,” she said.

A wedding ring to mark a special occasion

Affordable luxury with a touch of wanderlust

Mayet Dela Rosa Fine Jewelry differentiates itself through exceptional customer service, competitive pricing, and a wide variety of jewelry items. The perception that their designs are inspired by expensive pieces quickly evolved into a trend of personalized and customized creations.

“We listen to our customers. We know what they want before they even say it. That’s what sets us apart,” Mayumi said.

Navigating the red ocean of the Philippine jewelry industry, Mayet Dela Rosa Fine Jewelry embraces convenience and innovation. The flagship stores in Eastwood and Venice Piazza offer a unique blend of physical and digital experiences, augmented by the use of technology such as augmented reality.

“We want to make jewelry accessible. With our physical-digital stores, customers can experience the best of both worlds,” Richard said.

Photo from Mayet Dela Rosa Facebook Page

Proudly Pinoy, aspirationally global

As the brand continues to expand, the Dela Rosas envision reaching Visayas and Mindanao soon. The brand proudly represents an aspirational yet affordable image, challenging the notion that jewelry should be out of reach.

For those with a perpetual case of wanderlust, Mayet suggests versatile, sturdy de roscas jewelry. The brand caters to the evolving tastes of the market, providing chunky and bold designs, as endorsed by radio queen Nicole Hyala.

Mayet said: “We want our jewelry to resonate with travelers—pieces that are not only beautiful but practical for every journey.”

A perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Photo from Mayet Dela Rosa Facebook Page


Kenneth M. del Rosario
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