Feng shui master Aldric Dalumpines

The Lunar New Year 2021 will be a bullish year amid a recession brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to feng shui master Aldric Dalumpines when asked about the global and the country’s economic outlook.

This is because businesses continue to adjust to the learning curves of the global health crisis and the presumption of stability helps spur confidence. The availability of vaccines and the ongoing vaccination programs of governments the world over also bring hope that the pandemic will soon be over and life will return to normal.

He says that as hard work and focus on herd mentality, or the basic family unit, are natural traits of the Ox sign, marked by resilience and enduring survival, this would rub on the Metal Ox year.

“Lucky Chinese Zodiac signs in career, love, money and health are led by the feng shui allies of the Ox sign. These are the Rooster, Snake, and followed by the rebounding fates of both the Rat and Horse personalities,” says Dalumpines. “Average luck augurs for the Rabbit, Dragon, Monkey, Tiger, and Pig.”

He adds signs which will be challenged in health and fortunes this year are the opposing sign of the Ox, which is the Sheep, as well as the fellow Ox. Equally affected with bad luck are the Dog people.

“However, proper feng shui of homes and businesses for all signs remains as the key remedies to the challenges posed by the Metal Ox year 2021,” he notes.

Lucky color for those who wish to find love is white, says Dalumpines, especially for single and single-again ladies of any age. “Avoid red as it burns luck in love during a metal year,” he says.

To alleviate bad health and finances, elementary feng shui cures based on one’s personal element are available for these purposes, Dalumpines says.

Generally, signs under the metal, earth, and water elements are lucky while fire and wood are not.

He concludes that the country’s feng shui is dependent on the reading of the incumbent president’s Chinese zodiac, a Rooster, which is excellent in the Metal Ox year.