Hues of pink at Crimson Hotel Filinvest City, Manila.

Before the color pink became a popular campaign color in the country earlier this month, it has long been associated with the fight against cancer.

And as October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Crimson Hotel Filinvest City, Manila has turned pink. The hotel is steadfast in its commitment to stand with both survivors and healthcare practitioners, doing what it can to raise awareness about this critical health issue.

It’s an important advocacy, too. In the Philippines, some 26 out of every 100 Filipino women may be diagnosed with some form of cancer in their lifetimes—a dire figure.

Stagezero by Project Pink.

This is why the return of Crimson’s annual Passionately Pink promotions is significant, especially in a pandemic year when staying healthy is an even taller order for women. This makes this year’s campaign even more poignant—and more important than ever. Knowing more about the Big C could literally save one’s life.

With the theme “In the Pink of Health,” Crimson Hotel aims to educate women and girls regarding breast health even in these unusual times in partnership with the Project Pink Support Group.

Proceeds from the various promotions offered throughout October would help fund the initiatives of Project Pink’s STAGEZERO initiative, which aims to encourage and empower patients, families, and the communities to conquer cancer through improved knowledge about the disease, as well as support provisions for their emotional, social, and spiritual well-being.

Every Saturday of the month, the Crimson Filinvest City social media accounts will present Crimson TV, a series of informative videos on how to prevent, detect, and manage breast cancer. Topics will include how to perform a proper self-examination, better habits for a healthier lifestyle, a check-up guide, and a backgrounder on the work done by STAGEZERO since 2013.

In addition to promoting a healthy lifestyle, Crimson Hotel partnered with Jump Manila to hold weekly jump rope sessions every Friday. Jump rope basics and workout tips will be broadcasted live via Crimson’s Facebook page.

Baker J, located at the ground floor of Crimson Hotel, would offer the four-piece Pink Viennoiserie Bliss box, which contains a delightful assortment of pink treats: pink croissants filled with a raspberry-litchi jelly; pink croissant cubes with luscious ruby chocolate crème Chantilly; rosy-hued pains au chocolat filled with ruby chocolate batonnets and praline roses; and pink pains au lait made decadent with butter and ruby chocolate.

Baker J will also offer a six-piece Pop of Pink Tea Cakes and a bag of five Rose Madeleines coated with sumptuous ruby chocolate.

Pretty in Pink Afternoon Tea

For those in the mood for a more substantial repast, the Pretty in Pink Afternoon Tea will also be on offer for dine-in or to-go and will feature an exquisite selection of both sweet and savory bites.

Just next door at Firehouse Pizza, resident pizzaiolos are ready to add zest to the pink experience with the limited edition Passionately Pink Firehouse Pizza Feast. This pink-inspired treat starts with assorted grissini and garlic bread paired with goat cheese, pink hummus, Smoked Salmon Pizza; and ends with toothsome raspberry panna cotta and a ruby chocolate lava cake.

For more info, follow Crimson Hotel on Facebook at; Instagram at @crimsonfilinvestcity, and on Twitter via @Crimson_Alabang.