Philippine Amusement and Entertainment Corp. gearing up to go global with edutainment concepts

The Philippine Amusement and Entertainment Corp. (PAEC) met with the CEO of the most prominent attractions in the world during the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Expo (IAAPA) held recently.

Future forward PAEC is indeed on its road to going global.

PAEC pursues its mission in bringing world-class attractions to its guests alongside promoting the heritage, culture, products, and people, the Filipinos as a brand that is worthy of the international spotlight.

With the multiple concepts that are unique from each that PAEC have produced, the company is just at its starting phase of making it big in the industry of amusement and attractions. A lot is to be expected in the coming days when PAEC will once again unveil a series of unique attractions that will surely create lasting memories among its guests.

In photo during the meeting were (from left) Mark Ruell Papa, museum manager of Tales of Illumina; Jakob Wahl, president and CEO of IAAPA; Princess Ann Reyes, director for marketing of PAEC; Lawrence Li Tan, president and CEO of PAEC; Jim Pattinson Jr., president of Ripley Entertainment Inc.; Yzl D. Cruz, vice president of PAEC; Wuthichai Luangamornlert, managing director of Siam Park Bangkok; Massimiliano Freddi, CEO of Wonderland; Darrel Metzger, director of SIM Leisure Group (Disneyland); Mark Queaño, group operations director of PAEC; and Enzo Cruz, design researcher of PAEC.

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