Pico de Loro welcomes seasoned general manager to further elevate brand of authentic hospitality

busfield (middle) with pico de loro employees.

Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club and Pico Sands Hotel welcomed a new general manager earlier this year. A seasoned hotelier, Anne Busfield brings with her 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Busfield’s appointment signifies the resort’s commitment to delivering authentic and exceptional service to its guests.

Originally from the UK, she joins a brand that has earned a solid reputation as one of the most attractive weekend getaway destinations near Manila.

busfield (third from left) poses with personalities from the inquirer.

Assuming her role, Busfield has dedicated herself to learning all aspects of Pico de Loro, including its history, team members, and the needs and wants of its members and guests. This comprehensive understanding allows her to effectively map out high-level objectives and strategies for the resort’s future.

Having been warmly welcomed by her team, she emphasizes that teamwork is at the core of the resort’s operations, and she aims to foster an approachable environment where every individual can excel in their role.

“I am blown away by the incredible spirit and energy of our team here. In the few months that I’ve been here, I’ve come to see and feel for myself the team’s genuine desire to care for our guests and members,” Busfield told the Inquirer.

pico de loro. photo by Kenneth m. del rosario.

While being meticulous and detail-oriented is within her nature as a leader, she believes in empowering team members. Trusting her team and enabling their personalities to shine while attending to guests’ needs is essential to creating a consistent and high-quality experience. She recognizes that the hospitality industry thrives on the consistency of service and aims to cultivate an environment where team members feel supported in their endeavors.

Busfield’s arrival coincides with Pico de Loro’s status as a “mature destination,” with a strong and recognizable brand. She aims to build upon the resort’s already solid foundation. She deeply appreciates the natural beauty of Pico de Loro and its convenient accessibility as factors contributing to its success.

While the stunning surroundings leave a lasting impression, Busfield firmly believes that the resort’s team members are the key to ensuring guests’ return visits. She places great emphasis on the pivotal role played by Pico de Loro’s team in creating welcoming and unforgettable experiences. Busfield understands that exceptional and authentic hospitality are key factors in driving guest loyalty.

arribada, pico de loro’s newest Spanish restaurant exclusive for members.

“You can have the most gorgeous destination – and that’s wonderful. But what guests really remember are the times when team members create super special and personalized experiences during their stay,” she said.

Throughout her tenure as general manager, Busfield aims to work closely with the entire Pico de Loro team, aligning everyone’s efforts toward a shared vision. Recognizing that progress cannot be achieved single-handedly, she takes the time to listen, learn, and engage with them.

pico de loro at night. photo by Kenneth m. del rosario.