Everyone’s daily routine has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic. Consumers have prioritized safety and have abruptly migrated to digital commerce for their essential needs.

To meet these changes, a homegrown lifestyle delivery app seeks to be the new essential app catering to the upscale market.

The premium all-in-one lifestyle delivery app PICK.A.ROO was recently launched in the Philippines after an intensive research of over 500 premium users, which helped in understanding how to make a better experience out of staying at home.

It aims to help urban consumers transition to the new normal, stress-free and conveniently. This safe, hygienic, and contact-free delivery service brings only the best brands and products they love straight from the store to their doors.

“With PICK.A.ROO, people residing in key cities will be able to access over 300 PICK.A.ROO-approved brands, and shop all their must-haves in one seamless app; from Apple products, gourmet hotel food, local IG-trends, and Michelin-star restaurants, to daily essentials like groceries, medicine, home and kitchen, and all your stay-at-home needs. We want to differentiate and empower high-quality local brands and premium retailers by creating a curated online space for them,” says Crystal Gonzalez, PICK.A.ROO CEO and co-founder.

For his part, Kevin Tan, founder of PICK.A.ROO, shares: “Even before this pandemic, we spent the entire year researching and planning a fresh concept that bridges the gap between premium offline brands and the growing online segment. With this vision in mind, we decided that to be able to create a unique all-in-one and on-demand premium delivery experience, we had to build our own homegrown start-up and redefine the Filipino’s shopping experience.”

PICK.A.ROO was thoughtfully created with the local community’s needs at its core. After downloading the PICK.A.ROO app on iOS or Android, users can quickly sign up by using their mobile numbers. The app’s easy-to-use interface is designed to suit all customers in need of the service, whatever age they may be. Users can also select their preferred mode of communication: Viber, WhatsApp, SMS. Voice call from our PICK.A.ROO shoppers or riders are also available, as well as access to the live chat concierge in-app.

Users will be able to order from establishments with up to 10-km radius from their location. This will give customers more options and also give retailers wider reach and sales growth. Introductory service fee starts at a very reasonable rate of P168 per delivery (P80 delivery fee and shopper fees at P88).

As the country’s first homegrown premium delivery app, created and managed fully by experienced executives from top local and global brands and a proudly all-Filipino team, these are its main features:

● Quality over quantity: Shop directly from a curated roster of local and international merchants that are all registered and verified businesses.

● On-demand and scheduled delivery options:Have your favorite products delivered right now or schedule it for up to three days in advance.

● Hygiene and safety:Get peace of mind with PICK.A.ROO’s strict hygiene and safety protocols which include rapid testing of all its over 1,500 shoppers and riders, thermal scanner checks, and constant disinfecting of delivery bags. All riders and shoppers are provided clinical-grade face shields and face masks.

● Multiple payment options: Powered by PayMaya, you can make payments through credit card, debit card, or e-wallets. You can also pay with cash upon delivery, which customers must place in clear money bags provided by the rider, to comply with the contact-free policy.

● Single checkout: Order from multiple shops and pay all at once with PICK.A.ROO’s simplified single check-out process. This feature will be available as an update soon.

● Drive-through or curbside pick-up: New check-out options to be rolled out in the next app updates.

Included in the growing list of PICK.A.ROO-approved establishments and brands are Central by Landers Supermarket, S&R, Manila Marriott Hotel, Sheraton Manila, Shangri-La at the Fort, Tim Ho Wan, Kam’s Roast, Hawker Chan and Tsuta, The Grid, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, Paradise Dynasty, Las Flores, The Test Kitchen by Chef Josh Boutwood, The Parenting Emporium, Mothercare, Bodum, Gourdo’s, Joseph Joseph, MedExpress, Beyond the Box, and a Farm-to-Table initiative through PICK.A.ROO’s Fresh Buys.

Here also are the top categories in the app, based on the results of the research: Premium Grocery, Babies and Kids, Bakery and Cafe, Luxury Hotels, Farm-to-Table, Safety Essentials, Tech and Gadgets, Love Local, Everyday Eats, Premium Eats, Gifts and Hobbies, Booze, Home and Kitchen, and Snacks and Sweets. Other categories that will be added on the app soon are Pet Care, Self Care, Hardware and DIY, and Office and School Supplies.

PICK.A.ROO is the first start-up investment of AGILE Digital Ventures, the technology and digital investment arm of property giant, Megaworld.

Recently, PICK.A.ROO has opened up the app to more users in key cities in Metro Manila. The community can be part of PICK.A.ROO’s journey and vote for their favorite brands at www.pickaroo.com and the cities they want the app to launch next by voting through a live online poll on www.facebook.com/pickarooph or www.instagram.com/pickarooapp.

For more information on PICK.A.ROO and its brand partners, visit www.pickaroo.com.