Travel essential: Power bank to juice up your smartphone during travels

The wait time for boarding the aircraft seems like an eternity given the advice to be at the airport several hours before the flight schedule. There are many things passengers do to kill time while waiting to board. But a most common sight is a group huddled beside a corner wall where they plug their smartphones or laptops to electrical outlets. 

Even though your smartphone boasts of an all-day battery life, constant use and enjoyment of a gazillion of apps make the device use up the battery faster—so any traveller is on a constant lookout for an electrical outlet inside the airport.

But technology has already responded to this desperate need of a traveller to extend the battery life of his or her smartphone through the introduction of power banks, or extra battery source to charge your phone when there’s no electrical outlet to be found. 

If you want extra battery power for your smartphone, better check out the new realme Powerbank 2, which boasts of 10,000 mAh reserve power and safety features.

Aside from safety features, this power bank has 10,000 mAh power, which is more than enough to power up the devices you bring when you travel

Tech lifestyle brand realme Philippines recently launched an upgraded version of its power bank that is now enhanced with an 18W two-way Quick Charge capability. 

To ensure the safety of devices while charging up, the realme Powerbank 2 has a low-current charging feature that can be enabled through a double tap on the power button. With a 13-layer circuit protection and high-grade safety features, the power device will not incur capacity degradation even after 500 charges. 

Another good thing about this powerbank is the presence of USB-A and Type-C charging ports, which is useful when you own devices that don’t feature the same ports. 

It also has a very nice look. The realme Powerbank 2 sports a new micro stripes design and is available in black and yellow colors. 

Those who stay near a power outlet to charge their smartphones while using them are described as “wall huggers.” Don’t be like them, bring a power bank with you.

Raquel P. Gomez
Special Features writer at Philippine Daily Inquirer. She is tasked to write anything under the sun, but certain topics appeal to her personally, like technology, gardening, cooking, food, movies, TV series, heritage and historical areas, and travel. You may email her at