TypeKita app ushers in next chapter of Filipino storytelling

If there’s one thing Filipinos know like the back of their hands, it’s the allure of a gripping story. Be it heartwarming, suspenseful, or brimming with romance, Pinoys have an uncanny knack for diving headfirst into tales that keep them hooked until the last page. 

Amidst the diverse platforms where plots and characters come to life, a fresh contender is stepping into the spotlight: TypeKita, the brand-new app that’s rewriting the rules of storytelling. Geared towards empowering emerging Filipino wordsmiths, TypeKita redefines how creativity is rewarded while gifting readers an interactive, visually stimulating reading adventure. 

In an age where digital formats often get the side-eye, TypeKita stands tall, inspiring and fostering an already vibrant reading scene.

A live reading of one of the more popular stories in the app.

The makers of TypeKita introduced it to media members and select content creators last week. During the event, Head of Growth Ysabel Yuzon, VP of Strategic Management Dana de la Vega, and Creator Manager Erich Valdevioso delved into the app’s inner workings, highlighting its potential to pave the way for aspiring writers who never dared to put pen to paper before. 

The event also featured live readings of favorite TypeKita stories, brought to life by rising stars Nour Hooshmand, Ian Pangilinan, and Benedix Ramos. These talented performers breathed life into the ups and downs of fictional romance.

The secret behind TypeKita’s allure is that it’s a localized version, inspired by the Thai original Joylada, supercharged by the homegrown social entertainment powerhouse, Kumu. This partnership embodies the surging online fiction community’s spirit, acting as a nurturing ground for talents of every stripe. 

“TypeKita is where we’re pouring our creative hearts into the written word,” said Rexy Dorado, Kumu president and co-founder. This joint venture promotes a safe space for creativity to flourish, with both platforms boasting similar moderation systems to keep things respectful and hate-free.

TypeKita’s chat-fiction format breathes new life into digital novels. This bite-sized approach makes both crafting and consuming content more accessible, acting as a stepping stone for those who might venture into longer tales down the line. 

And when it comes to genres, TypeKita caters to its audience’s diverse tastes, ranging from romance to LGBTQ+ themes, from young adult coming-of-age sagas to the realms of fantasy and mystery. Think of getting a friend’s entire story from a single screenshot of a private chat—that’s the modern storytelling magic of TypeKita.

TypeKita app homepage.

While many features come without a price tag, TypeKita is poised to be the ultimate creative side hustle. A creator monetization feature offers writers a chance to do what they love while getting support from readers who believe in their craft. 

It’s a digital campfire, a gathering place where stories come to life and connections flourish—much like the beautiful ties woven across online fiction communities over the years.

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