The Advertising Foundation of the Philippines (Ad Foundation) is holding a virtual concert—one that is equal parts about the music and its talented roster of performers as it is about a message of unity, resiliency, and of brighter things to come.

Called “Bagong ARAW. Bagong Pag-asa,” the two-hour concert, which is available for streaming right now , is a multi-sector industry endeavor. It is a demonstration of how the Ad Foundation can engage its members in a show of artistic force. More than just a concert, the event also showcases the members’ creative, production, staging, and technical talents and expertise. All of these within the norms or the “new normal.”

“The concert, which also doubles as a fundraising event, mirrors the resiliency of our industry as well as its flexibility to adapt to the new norms and the many challenges that this pandemic continues to bring,” said Ad Foundation Chairman of the Board and Special Projects Committee head Ruperto Nicdao, Jr.

The virtual event also coincides with the Ad Foundation’s 32nd founding anniversary. It has been the advocacy arm and social development body of the advertising and marketing communications industry since 1989. To say that it has played a crucial role in shaping the industry into what it is today would be an understatement.

With the country still inundated with unfortunate circumstances brought about by tough lockdown restrictions, it is high time that a concert of this magnitude be held to try and bring some sunshine in an otherwise bleak moment in time.

“Bagong ARAW, Bagong Pag-asa” echoes the aspirations of the advertising industry and reverberates the capabilities and many positive values of people to overcome difficulties. It shows that, in unity, sharing common strengths and hopes turn dreams into reality.

Among the performing talents and recording artists set to perform during the show include Herbert Hernandez of Gigil Agency, Norman Agatep of Grupo Agatep, Bayang Barrios and husband Mike Villegas of Hit Productions, Top Suzara of Loud Box, and jingle writer and composer Jazz Nicholas.

Also performing are the ItchyWorms, Lissa Del Valle of Roar Audio – 9th Studio Special Events, and Ronnie Henares of Mid Life Crisis Band. Hosting the event is advertising advocate Yoly Villanueva Ong, and the Ad Foundation’s Internal Relations Officer (and keen plastic waste recycling advocate) Ed Sunico.

Performers would pre-record their performances (most of them at home, some at makeshift stages) so they can properly observe health and safety protocols.

“The virtual concert is novel in that it melds an audio-visual presentation featuring footages of our select projects such as on values promotion and voters’ education,” said Linda Gamboa, assistant board secretary and executive director of the Ad Foundation.

The spirit of “bayanihan,” of “kaya natin,” and of “magkapit bisig tayo” are embodied in “Bagong ARAW, Bagong Pag-asa”. Most of the individuals involved in the project, she said, are there as volunteers because they want to contribute their time and talents to advance the foundation’s projects.

The concept of a virtual concert is the brainchild of Nicdao and Gamboa (who also serves as Deputy Chairman of the Special Projects Committee), as well as other members of the team.

“The concert is a great example of what we can all come up with when we work together as one. It demonstrates industry creativity, unity, and social responsibility, while providing meaningful entertainment to the general public for free. More importantly, its message of optimism and great hope is a message we all need to hear in these dire times,” Gamboa said.

“Bagong ARAW, Bagong Pag-asa” is co-presented by the Ad Standards Council with four Ad Foundation Life Benefactors: Founding Pillars Procter & Gamble, GMA Network, Unilever Philippines, and the Manila Broadcasting Company.

To watch the concert for free, just click here. The “Bagong ARAW, Bagong Pagasa” Concert is available for streaming until September 1, 2021 only.