The National Trade Fair (NTF) organized annually by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) goes digital to help micro, small, and medium enterprises sell their products and reach more consumers. 

Now called NTF Digital Mall, the trade fair transformed into an e-commerce platform offers continuous promotion of food and non-food products from the different regions. The platform, according to DTI, will help MSMEs future-proof their businesses by making them pivot to online selling. The MSMEs have faced unprecedented challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has adversely impacted their operations.

The NTF Digital Mall is a project of the DTI-Bureau of Domestic Trade Promotion in collaboration with the DTI-Regional and Provincial Offices. 

The NTF Digital Mall was formally opened on December 15. Similar to national trade fairs, it showcases the best products of 223 MSMEs from all parts of the country. Featured products include processed food and beverages, gifts and souvenirs, houseware and decor, fashion accessories, wearables, as well as health and fitness products. 

For a more convenient online shopping experience, the NTF Digital Mall features a product catalog with a facility to search for a specific product or product category. For easier transactions, buyers can connect with the MSMEs via the Viber app for secure instant messaging. Visitors will also have access to DTI webinars and can read about the participating exhibitors’ inspirational success stories. 

The NTF Digital Mall is hosted on UnionBank GlobalLinker, a free and innovative platform that helps MSMEs grow online with tools for efficient business management and network expansion. It is distinct from other e-commerce platforms as it is an all-in-one accessible platform that enables MSMEs to connect to both local and global B2B and B2C partners, suppliers, and customers. It has networking capabilities to help MSMEs grow and manage their business. It offers immediate access to financial service providers, point of sale, accounting, inventory, human resources, tax and payroll services, supply chain management, and B2B and B2C marketplaces.

Some of the business features offered on the NTF Digital Mall that MSMEs can readily use are:

  • Linker.Store – Connect the MSME’s business to the world by launching their do-it-yourself E-commerce store for free with its inventory management and data analysis tools.
  • Network – Search for and manage a global network of potential suppliers, partners, and customers, not just in the Philippines, but also in other parts of Southeast Asia.
  • Biz offers – Have access to business tools that will help MSMEs manage their business, share files, and track important events more efficiently.
  • Secure multi-device access via desktop, mobile, or tablet.
  • Apply online for business loans, deposit products, and credit cards without the hassle.
  • Biz Forum – Get tips and inspiration from successful entrepreneurs. A place for discussing new business ideas, topics, and useful articles within a vibrant business community.

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