For people who love to travel, it’s definitely her voice they are yearning for right now, more than two months after the coronavirus pandemic forced air travel in the country to a halt. In her Instagram post, voice-over artist Inka Magnaye revealed that she is the voice-over for Philippine Airlines’ in-flight passenger announcements, revealing too that her mother Lindy Pellicer did that same job at PAL in the 1990s.

Magnaye’s Instagram post (which can also be viewed at her Tiktok account) included a now viral video of her and mother Lindy delivering PAL’s flight safety measures before take off. “Mabuhay! And welcome to Philippine Airlines…”, mom and daughter took turns delivering the all-familiar lines, with Magnaye saying them first and Lindy repeating the same phrases. In the Instagram story, when Magnaye revealed that her mother was in fact the PAL voice-over talent in the 1990s, her clients were surprised. “On the first day of my recordings for @flypal, I took a grab from south all the way to QC because that’s where the studio was. I had breakfast with clients, signed the contract, and then headed into the recording booth.” “But right before we started, I said, ‘Oh, I have some trivia for you, by the way’. They said, ‘What is it?’ And I said, ‘Did you know that my mom was the in-flight voice-over for Philippine Airlines back in the ’90s?’ And the clients and our sound engineer for the project all gasped in surprise. They didn’t know!”

What made the story more interesting was that among the several voice samples received by Magnaye’s clients, her voice was chosen “without knowing who I was or who my mom was,
because I sounded the most like their brand.” Magnaye said her mom is still active as a voice-over talent. In fact, both of them do voice-overs for the same project. “This isn’t the first time my mom and I have worked for the same clients, simply because our voices are so similar. For example, we’ve done work for skin care products where my mom’s voice was used for products aimed at older women, and my voice was used for the younger line. Same goes for banks and telcos.”She offered more trivia about past PAL voice-over talents. For example, along with Lindy Pellicer, other in-flight voice-overs for Philippine Airlines were Pinky Aseron and the late Lily Nichols. “All three of them, including me, were all products of 99.5RT training,” said Magnaye. Magnaye made the Instagram post on Mother’s Day to show her great appreciation for her mother, who is her mentor.

“My mom is one of my biggest mentors in my voice-over career, and I learn from her every day. Even just doing this video with her, I learned so much by listening to her change the pace, style, and words she’d emphasize. Someone on TikTok said my mom did it so much better than I did, and my god OF COURSE SHE DID because she’s damn amazing and if I could reach her skill level, I can die happy. I’m learning from the best.” Here’s the Instagram link for you to appreciate the video of mom and daughter enjoying what they do best:…