A celebration of exceptional steaks: Wagyu Choose-Day, Omi Hime meat-cutting demo

Choosing the right steak is paramount to creating an extraordinary dining experience, and Alternatives Food Corp. (AFC) understands this perfectly. They recently hosted two remarkable events that showcased the importance of selecting the finest cuts of beef for a truly exceptional meal.

At Giwon Korean Steakhouse in Mitsukoshi mall in BGC, AFC hosted an exclusive Wagyu dinner event, which showed the company’s unwavering commitment to providing unparalleled culinary experiences.

The team behind the scenes, including the executive chef, executive director, and head butcher from Sawai Ranch, spared no effort in ensuring that every bite was a revelation. Their expertise and passion for food shone through as they prepared the Wagyu beef sourced from the finest farms in Japan, America, and Australia. 

Cooked to perfection, the Wagyu beef was served alongside a variety of sides and sauces, carefully selected to enhance and complement the flavors of the dish. The wine pairing was equally exceptional, with each glass meticulously curated to harmonize with the unique flavors of each course. 

From the beautifully presented dishes to the warm and inviting atmosphere, Giwon Steakhouse left no stone unturned in delivering an impeccable dining experience.

Meanwhile, at a separate event in Okada Manila, AFC hosted the Omi Hime meat-cutting demo, providing a rare opportunity to gain deeper insights into the art of meat cutting and appreciate the exceptional quality of A5 Omi Hime Wagyu. 

Renowned worldwide for its remarkable marbling, tenderness, and flavor, the A5 Omi Hime Wagyu took center stage. The suppliers from Omi Japan were present, demonstrating their skills and techniques for cutting this highly prized beef.  They showcased the precision and meticulousness required to slice the meat into different cuts, highlighting the unique features of each cut and how it can be prepared to maximize the full potential of a Top Sirloin. 

Both events emphasized the significance of selecting the right steak to elevate the dining experience. AFC’s commitment to sourcing only the finest quality meats was evident in every detail. Whether it was the Wagyu Choose-Day at Giwon Steakhouse or the Omi Hime Meat Cutting Demo at Okada Manila, these events underscored the importance of choosing the perfect cut of beef for an unforgettable meal.

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