Authenticity meets simplicity, affordability at Samyan

Photo by Kenneth M. del Rosario.

Samyan isn’t your typical Thai restaurant. It’s a casual dining experience that boasts a unique concept, effortlessly capturing the essence of Thai culinary magic. 

Located at the Public Eatery in Robinsons Magnolia, Samyan is crafted by Chef Thitid “Ton” Tassanakajohn, the genius behind Bib Gourmand-awarded Baan Thai. Samyan derives its name from the vibrant Sam Yan Market in Bangkok, where Chef Ton once enjoyed the flavors of its delicious street food.

What sets Samyan apart is its no-frills setup, putting the focus on its mouthwatering dishes. This has allowed it to receive the prestigious Thai SELECT seal of approval, making it one of the few restaurants in the country to earn this honor. This certification is a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to offering authentic Thai cuisine.

Photo by Kenneth M. del Rosario.

From sweet-savory Pad Thai to the flavorful stir-fried Pad Krapao, each dish is a burst of authentic Thai flavor.

We recommend starting your culinary journey with the Green Papaya Salad, a perfect blend of sweet and spicy flavors. And on a cold, wet day, there’s nothing like their Shrimp Tom Yum soup to warm your soul.

For the main course, the mouthwatering Beef Massaman Curry with Rice, where tender pieces of beef are enveloped in a rich, aromatic curry sauce, is highly recommended. For those craving seafood, the Lump Crab Fried Rice with real crab meat is an absolute must-try.

To accompany your meal, explore Samyan’s selection of traditional Thai drinks. Thai Lime Tea is a refreshing choice that complements its spicy flavors.

Thai cuisine isn’t complete without indulging in dessert. Make sure to check out the smooth, creamy texture of Mango Sticky Rice. Prepared with fresh mango and a luscious coconut sauce, the treat will transport you straight to the streets of Thailand.

Samyan’s unique concept also extends to a hands-on experience. The “Thai-it-Yourself” option allows guests to create their own Thai-inspired dishes under the guidance of their skilled chefs. It’s an interactive experience that adds a touch of creativity to their dining adventure.

Samyan’s commitment to providing an authentic taste of Thailand, all within an affordable price range, is something that every Thai food aficionado should be thankful for.

Photo by Kenneth M. del Rosario.
Photo by Kenneth M. del Rosario.
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