Azuthai receives ‘Thai SELECT’ seal anew

some of azuthai’s best dishes. Photo by Kenneth m. del rosario.

Azuthai Thai Restaurant in Makati City celebrated the renewal of its prestigious “Thai SELECT” Seal of Approval, solidifying its position as a trailblazer in serving authentic Thai cuisine in the country. The dining destination has been proudly carrying this certification since 2017, making it the first restaurant in the country to receive this honor.

For over 15 years, Azuthai has served homestyle Thai cuisine that has captured the taste buds of many. The renewal of its “Thai SELECT” seal is not just a celebration of authentic Thai cuisine, but also of the closeness and friendship between the Philippines and Thailand.

The “Thai SELECT” program, launched by Thailand’s Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, and the Royal Thai Government, aims to certify and promote authentic Thai cuisine worldwide.

azuthai is located at the milky way building in Makati city. Photo by Kenneth m. del rosario.

The seal is a recognition granted to Thai restaurants around the world that serve authentic Thai food using Thai ingredients and prepared by Thai chefs. Today, Azuthai stands tall among the 11 Thai restaurants in the Philippines that have received or are set to receive this esteemed certification in 2023. Globally, there are some 1,000 restaurants bearing the “Thai SELECT” seal.

Established in 2008 by Chef J. Gamboa and Malu G. Lindo of the Milky Way family, Azuthai has been steadfast in upholding its commitment to providing genuine Thai flavors to its patrons. Right from its inception, the restaurant has employed Thai chefs and utilized Thai ingredients to create an authentic dining experience. This dedication to authenticity has been the key to Azuthai’s success, making it a go-to destination for those seeking the true taste of Thailand in Makati.

In a simple ceremony held to mark the renewal of the “Thai SELECT” certification, His Excellency Tull Traisorat, the ambassador of the Royal Thai Embassy to the Philippines, emphasized the more profound significance of this recognition. 

chef j. gamboa receives the thai select seal from His Excellency Tull Traisorat.

He praised Azuthai for not only serving high-quality and authentic Thai cuisine but also for contributing to the close and friendly relations between Thailand and the Philippines. Food, as he mentioned, plays a pivotal role in enhancing cultural ties, promoting trade, and encouraging investments between nations.

Stepping inside Azuthai, one immediately feels at home, thanks to the restaurant’s warm ambiance and welcoming atmosphere. 

During the celebration, guests were treated to some of Azuthai’s best dishes, including Tom Klong, a hot and sour soup with fried fish and tamarind; Massaman Gaeh, a lamb curry dish with shallots, potatoes, and peanuts; and Moo Kra Prow, stir-fried pork with basil and chili.

Tap Tim Krob and tako. Photo by Kenneth m. del rosario.

In between meals, the refreshing Lemongrass Iced Tea and Thai Iced Tea are served as palate cleansers. For dessert, Azuthai served Tap Tim Krob, water chestnuts with fresh coconut milk, and Tako, tapioca coconut cream, in pandan cups.

From its roots as a brainchild of the Milky Way family to becoming the pioneer recipient of the #ThaiSELECT seal in the Philippines, Azuthai Thai Restaurant has become a staple in the exciting and sumptuous world of Thai cuisine.

Photo by Kenneth m. del rosario.
Photo by Kenneth m. del rosario.