B Healthy: Mindful eats at Cafe Belmont

Belmont Hotel Manila’s B Healthy Plant-Based Meals

Simple yet satisfying… delightful and healthy. Café Belmont at Belmont Hotel Manila offers a variety of tasteful cuisine to delight the palate, not only to satisfy your food cravings, but even more to provide you a nourishing, balanced meal.

In line with this, Belmont Hotel Manila is proud to introduce “B Healthy,” a nutritious, low-calorie selection of dishes–from a wide variety of salads to dressings to plant-based selections.

The B Healthy Salad Selection, is mindful eating with a calorie count if you are looking for light yet satisfying meals. These salads may be paired with a choice of dressings from base of olive oil to yogurt. Fresh ingredients like greens, herbs, and fresh-catch seafood complete this line up, which you can mix and match with a wide range of dressings like Smoked Caesar, Spiced Pimiento, and Vinaigrettes.

The perfect pairing for these salad options also include immunity-boosting drinks, which are refreshingly concocted greens and fresh fruits. It features Sweet Sensation, good for lowering blood pressure, the Minty Pear with a Lemon Twist for weight management, Green Smash for healthy digestion, and more.

B Healthy Cheese Platter

B Healthy also offers full-course set meals served in a Hotbox. Each set is composed of low-calorie yet completely satisfying dishes with salads, seafood appetizers, chicken, vegetable pastas, sandwiches and seasoned fruits. These are perfect for weight-conscious individuals who are looking for healthy, balanced meal options to stay fit.

The highlight of the B Healthy line is the plant-based menu. Using choice ingredients from In a Nutshell, producers of handmade dairy-free and cruelty-free vegan cheeses, B Healthy offers plant-based classic and gourmet cheese made from nuts, to recreate those creamy, tangy, melt-in-your-mouth cheese platters. With this, you can actually enjoy varieties from Cranberry Rosemary Chevre, Pepper Jack, Smoked Gouda, Mozzarella, Cream Cheese, and more.

And capping its sumptuous variety of B Healthy specialties are its Plant-based Quattro Formaggi Pizza, Broiled BBQ Ribs with Chevre Mac ‘n Cheese and Herb Savory, to complete a nutritious full-course meal.

What’s more, the B Healthy takeout packaging is eco-friendly. To lessen the use of plastic-made packaging, the hotel is transitioning to paper, cornstarch and sugarcane-made sustainable materials making its B Healthy line not just good for the body, but good for the environment as well.

B Healthy Salad

While the pandemic continues to affect everyday life, a healthy approach to food is more important than ever in terms of supporting both our physical and mental well-being. After all, mindful eating matters.

Belmont Hotel Manila’s B Healthy dishes are available for takeout and delivery.

For inquiries, please contact Cafe Belmont at (+632) 5318-8887 or email dine@belmontmanila.com. Check out foodpanda and Pick-A-Roo app for more meal choices.

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