ChinitaKitchen is out to tickle your sweet tooth.

It’s a business that Shereen Chu put up, a natural progression because she has loved baking goodies ever since her college days. It runs in the family, too, given that members of her family also are wonderful cooks.

And while cookies, brownies, and muffins are what most patrons of ChinitaKitchen crave for, Chu has also started offering chili garlic oil, crunchy garlic, and Char Siu pork. Soon, she will be expanding her product line by offering more Chinese delicacies like gyoza, siomai, and buns.

ChinitaKitchen is also open to customization, such as if customers want an extra large cookie or perhaps bite-sized ones for give-aways.

“I was raised in an environment where cooking is natural. But it was not until I was in college that I started experimenting,” Chu said. “It was only by accident that I discovered I had a knack for baking. I don’t typically follow a recipe and prefer to add a personal touch to my cooking.”

Her first customers were her officemates, who also serve as her guinea pig whenever she wanted want to test new products. But eventually, she posted her baked goods on Facebook and Instagram.

Today, she gets tons of orders online. “I also try to make my packaging as environment-friendly as possible, using boxes and recyclable or reusable plastic,” said Chu, who is an accountant by profession but has since focused on Risk Management as a day job.

Nowadays, the pandemic and lockdown restrictions have posed several challenges. While people do order more food online today, there are also more individuals who have made their goods available online. So the challenge for ChinitaKitchen is to stand out from the rest.

Chu does this by continuing to be consistent, making sure her products are always in excellent condition, and trying to offer new items. Chu said: “What sets my products apart is the personal care I put into baking. I never leave the preparation to a helper. I personally mix and marinate, and usually only would allow assistance with the packing. I want each item delivered to be of the highest quality and personally vouched by myself.”