Al fresco dining at the Farmer’s Table in Tagaytay

Looking for an al fresco dining place that provides a positive ambiance right away? Let’s drive to Farmer’s Table in Tagaytay and enjoy everything it offers.

Sitting at the Nurture Village and Spa, the Farmer’s Table restaurant resembles a large, beautiful farmer’s barn that can be seen in other countries and is also an open air restaurant. At the entrance, a staffer is busy welcoming guests while she offers the health declaration form to be filled out.

The first things you see upon entry are the goods they are selling that are displayed in different corners before the dining hall. It’s a surprise noticing that there are already a lot of diners enjoying their meals before lunch time which adds more to the festive mood at the restaurant, not to mention the refreshing sight of the forest garden that surrounds most parts of the spacious structure.

Filipino and Thai dishes

The interior design of the barn-like building complimented well its outer view counterpart by using subtle green, blue, yellow and white color combinations on windows, couches, tables and chairs. The presence of indoor plants on the ceiling, tables and corners all contribute to the cozy atmosphere one can feel while dining in the restaurant. They provide a joyful vibe.

The Farmer’s Table restaurant offers a farm-to- table concept. It mostly serves food with ingredients produced locally. While they offer dishes especially made for vegans, the likes of crispy pata, bulalo, and steak are also offered on their menu.

Their version of kare-kare is highly recommended. The meat is very tender and the sauce is very creamy and tasty and the shrimp paste compliments the kare-kare perfectly.

Grilled chimichurri and sambal giant bangus

Another favorite is their char-grilled cheese burger paired with large cut tasty fries. The beef patty is very thick, pure and meaty with a smoky flavor.

Their truffle pasta is also a must try. The aroma is appetizing and the taste is unique and savory. For the farmhouse coolers, you will love their signature pineapple kale smoothie. It’s tangy and fruity, but the kale help balanced the flavor.

Other must-try dishes are the Thai-style langka and green curry, kalderetang osso bucco, grilled chimichurri and sambal giant bangus and pickled house-made Japanese cucumber. For dessert, we had the leche flan turon sundae and the mango suman sushi. Let’s all head out to Farmer’s Table and have a hearty feast with family and friends.