Savor the country's diverse aquatic delights in "Flavors from the Shores."

‘Flavors from the Shores’ at Sheraton Manila Bay on Aug. 24

Savor the country’s diverse aquatic delights in “Flavors from the Shores.”

Prepare to set sail on an unparalleled gastronomic adventure as Sheraton Manila Bay proudly presents “Flavors from the Shores” on August 24 at &More by Sheraton.

Drawing inspiration from the culinary palette of the Philippine archipelago, “Flavors from the Shores” celebrates the diverse aquatic delicacies from the pristine waters of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Delve into a meticulously curated four-part menu, artfully prepared by the hotel’s talented chefs who skillfully blend tradition and innovation to create a unique pairing experience centered around freshly caught seafood delights.

Each course narrates a tale of the Philippines’ cultural tapestry, illuminating the unique flavors of three pivotal islands: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Complementing these culinary wonders are precisely concocted cocktail pairings, elevating the essence of each cuisine. Infused with indigenous ingredients and regional inspiration, these cocktails – thoughtfully curated to elevate the dining journey – have been meticulously fashioned in partnership with Destileria Limtuaco & Co. Inc., the Philippines’ oldest distillery, adding an extra layer of heritage to the experience.

Embark on your epicurean voyage with the enchanting “Salungo,” a symphony of sea urchin and shrimp ravioli, king oyster mushroom sea urchin sauce, sea urchin custard, calamansi hollandaise sauce, salmon roe, and lime tuile. This delectable course is impeccably paired with the Manille Spritz, a concoction of Manille liqueur de calamansi, prosecco, sparkling water, and basil leaves. Transitioning to the Visayas, savor the mesmerizing “Litob,” featuring gigantes scallop flambe, lima beans puree, roasted fish bones foam, black sweet and sour sauce, scallop, and goat cheese soufflé, alongside carrots and fried cashew nuts. The accompanying Mangga’t Suman cocktail, blending mango rum liqueur, mango puree, coconut horchata, and pandan, complements this culinary masterpiece.

The journey deepens with “Bariles,” a tantalizing dish composed of Gensan tuna crudo, crab “aligue,” coconut cream, ocean sponge, malunggay-wasabi infused oil, fresh tuna and avocado spring roll, soy gel, marinated seaweeds, and roasted sesame powder. The Halimuyak cocktail, a fusion of gin, Dalandan liqueur, Jasmine green tea, orange, and lime, elegantly enhances the flavors of this course. Culminating the gourmet expedition is the “Luzviminda Trio” dessert, a masterpiece boasting buko pie top, coconut mousse, piaya on tablea truffles, sikwate sauce, budbud, durian ice cream, and fresh mango. The sublime pairing of the Merienda cocktail, featuring butter-washed rum, Amadeo coffee liqueur, espresso, and grated quezo de bola, concludes the feast.

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