Aozora At The Farm

In the land of bulalo and tawilis, this brand of Japanese cuisine stands out in Tagaytay.

Aozora, which means “blue sky” was started by a group of friends as a pet project in 2015 at their first branch along the Tagaytay-Calamba Road as Aozora Japanese Cafe + Bistro. Little did they know that it would become an instant hit in a very short period of time. Right now, they already grew into six branches including the new one to be inaugurated at the Twin Lakes property.

In Aozora At The Farm where we visited, we were warmly greeted by its friendly owners Jesse and Christine Villonco. Christine shared that they wanted a more intimate ambiance of their Aozora restaurants and for them to be spacious. They also added more branches to accommodate their growing numbers of customers.

The Aozora At The Farm branch with its design and its location, plus the cool weather brought by the Tagaytay breeze, is reminiscent of a rural Japanese restaurant’s feel in that country’s countryside. It is also surrounded with lettuce and herb gardens with available quiet rooms for lodging.

Dragon maki

The freshness and sweetness of the uni sashimi makes us want to go back to the restaurant again. The tuna and sashimi were really mouthwatering. Christine shared that both meat and fish they offer at Aozora are flown fresh from Japan. Their dragon maki is really worth trying. It is tasty, flavorful and creamy. The rainbow maki was a favorite as well. We liked the combination of mango, cucumber and kani topped with salmon and tuna, shime saba and tamago. Although we’ve tried this in other restaurants, we can say that their version sticks out.

For noodles, though it’s a Japanese restaurant, they offer bulalo-inspired ramen since Tagaytay is popular for that soup dish. We also liked their traditional noodles, the shoyu ramen, a soy sauce-based soup topped with spring onions, fish cakes, eggs and chasu pork. We also enjoyed their Yakitori sticks. They were tasty and smoky.

With everything we tried and enjoyed at Aozora, we are certain that others will enjoy it too. The very reason Trip Advisor awarded them as the No. 1 Japanese restaurant in Tagaytay.