Nanyang continues strong expansion in the metro, opens Lucky 13th branch in Glorietta

The spacious location can accommodate up to 50 people. photo by Ferdinand domingo.

Nanyang continues its strong expansion across the metro, opening its 13th location in the country in just under five years. Its newest store is located in Glorietta in Makati, giving mall-goers on this side of town easier access to authentic and affordable all-day Asian favorites from Singapore.  

Cozy and inviting, dining at the newly opened Glorietta branch is just like going to your kitchen and making your own coffee upon waking up in the morning. But we doubt you have the time to make Kopi Tarik in your kitchen on a regular basis. It’s one of Nanyang’s signature items that we instantly fell in love with.

Kopi Tarik, of course, is a sweet coffee with a frothy top, made by pulling a long stream of coffee repeatedly between two large containers. The aim is to thoroughly mix the coffee and let it cool down slowly. The result is a cup of joe with a nice kick and just the right sweetness. 

perfect combination-: Kaya and tea tarik. photo by Ferdinand domingo.

The Kopi Tarik is perfectly paired with the kaya, another one of Nanyang’s bestselling treats. Kaya is a custard made of coconut milk, eggs, and sugar. It’s like having bread with coconut jam.

But Nanyang is more than its Kopi Tarik and Kaya. Other dishes that diners must try include laksa, Hainanese chicken, and curry chicken.

Portion sizes are generous, which works to the advantage of diners as most food items at Nanyang are comfort food. Diners will never feel shortchanged with the generous serving sizes. What they get is value for money. 

portion sizes are generous at nanyang. photo by Ferdinand domingo.

While a number of dining options that offer Singaporean delights have mushroomed around the metro as of late, Nanyang is unlike any other. Instead of trying to look or feel like one is eating at a hawker center, Nanyang gives off a more modern, relaxing vibe. The store’s ambiance feels nostalgic and new at the same time.

So whether you’re in the mood for some tea, coffee, or sweets or want something a little more hearty, drop by Nanyang and enjoy delicious Singaporean food every day.

a laksa to remember. photo by Ferdinand domingo.