Filipino Christmas celebrations won’t be complete without the traditional Noche Buena dishes served on the eve of Christmas and still enjoyed by the whole family on Christmas Day.

To protect Filipino consumers against profiteers and help them prepare for their Christmas food shopping, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has released a list of suggested retail prices (SRPs) of Noche Buena staples for information and guidance of consumers.

The price guide includes products such as ham, fruit cocktail, keso de bola, cheese, sandwich spread, mayonnaise, pasta—spaghetti noodles, elbow, and salad macaroni—spaghetti sauce, tomato sauce, and all-purpose cream. 

Prior to the release, the DTI Consumer Protection Group reviewed the prices and the proposals of some companies for price increases. According to Trade and Industry Secretary Ramon Lopez, during the Christmas season, DTI approves the SRPs of these products as they become necessary products and to protect the interest of the consumers.  

“The DTI extends its appreciation to the manufacturers for showing their solidarity in providing affordable noche buena products to the consumers this Christmas by committing to retain their 2019 prices for this year despite COVID-19,” Lopez said.

“In the midst of the pandemic, the spirit of Christmas will continue to draw many of our consumers to buy their favorite noche buena products for their families to be served on their tables. Thus, the Department assures the public of the availability of supply and stability of prices of these items,” Lopez added.

In particular, the DTI expressed its gratitude to Alaska Milk Corp., CDO Foodsphere Inc., Century Pacific Food Inc., Del Monte Phils. Inc., Dole Phils. Inc., Ideal Macaroni & Spaghetti Factory Inc., King Sue Ham & Sausage Co. Inc., Kraft Foods Phils. Inc., Mondelez Phils. Inc., Nestle Phils., New Amigo Food Products Corp., New Zealand Creamery Inc., NutriAsia Inc., Philippine Leading Infinite Logistics Inc., RFM Corp., San Miguel Foods, SYSU International Inc., Unilever Phils. Inc, Universal Robina Corp., and Virginia Food Inc. for maintaining their October 2019 SRPs. 

The DTI also highlighted that San Miguel Foods-Magnolia Inc. and Ideal Macaroni & Spaghetti Factory Inc. even lowered the prices of their products, namely Magnolia Queso de Bola and Sunshine Spaghetti, by as much 5 percent. 

Currently, the Noche Buena SRP Bulletin has a total of 241 shelf keeping units (SKUs). Christmas shoppers may use this to their advantage by referring to the list below. The list also includes the SRPs of Christmas staples in various sizes so the public may purchase based on their preference and needs. 

To avoid panic buying and to ensure the safety and value for money, the public is advised to make a shopping list and to refer to the prices of said products before visiting their supermarket of choice. The DTI also reminds consumers to always observe minimum health protocols, such as wearing face masks and face shields, and maintaining physical distancing.

Additionally, the DTI emphasizes consumers to practice their right to choose and to check for promotional goods or those sold in bundles in supermarkets and groceries.

Product Unit Price Range 
Ham  500g P135.00 – P189.00 
800g P196.00 – P430.00 
1kg P299.00 – P1,025.00 
Fruit Cocktail 432g P50.35 – P56.45 
3kg P202.75 – P239.40 
Cheese 165g P49.50 – P89.00 
500g P118.20 – P165.60 
Keso de Bola 350g P199.00 – P320.00 
500g P279.50 – P410.00 
750g P435.30 – P539.00 
Sandwich Spread 200g P72.00 – P85.00 
220ml (pouch) P52.50 – P89.45 
220ml (jar) P59.85 – P99.80  
470ml (jar) P122.85 – P205.80 
Mayonnaise 220ml (pouch) P47.55 – P83.35 
470ml (jar) P96.50 – P196.35 
700ml (jar) P140.00 – P283.00 
Pasta/Spaghetti 400g P30.00 – P52.50 
500g P55.00 – P73.00 
900g P57.00 – P87.65 
Elbow and Salad Macaroni 200g P18.75 – P36.65 
400g P31.00 – P58.05 
1kg P64.00 – P98.65 
Spaghetti Sauce 250g P22.00 – P27.90 
500g P42.00 – P57.70 
1kg P60.70 – P84.20 
Tomato Sauce 200g P15.50 – P19.70 
1kg P62.00 – P78.25 
Creamer 250ml P55.00 – P59.00 
370ml  P47.00 – P55.00