Paradise Dynasty celebrates Father’s Day with a surprise gift for the man of the hour

For Father’s Day, Paradise Dynasty wants to make sure that dads feel extra special. After all, the occasion is one that is meant to honor the incredible role fathers play in our lives.

This is why fathers who dine at Paradise Dynasty on June 18th, in any of its three branches, get a surprise gift (while supplies last), a small token of appreciation for all their hard work. The complimentary gift, The Legend of Xiao Long Bao, is a delightful keepsake that also serves as a practical bottle opener. 

It’s a fitting present that complements the occasion—a useful present that symbolizes the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation that Paradise Dynasty embodies.

At Paradise Dynasty, the dining experience goes beyond the culinary delights. It is a chance for families to come together and bond over a sumptuous meal in a relaxing environment. The restaurant’s interior design exudes elegance and intimacy, with Oriental elements that transport guests to a world of refined indulgence. 

Located in three branches across Manila—at Conrad S Maison, SM Aura Premier, and The Podium—Paradise Dynasty is known for its innovative approach to Chinese cuisine, most particularly its signature dish: the xiao long bao.

These delicate soup dumplings, available in eight sumptuous flavors, have captivated the palates of countless patrons. From the classic original flavor to the bold and unique combinations of ginseng, foie gras, black truffle, cheese, crab roe, garlic, and Szechuan, each bite is a delightful explosion of taste.

What truly sets Paradise Dynasty apart is its unwavering dedication to quality. It is this commitment to consistently delivering exceptional meals that have earned Paradise Dynasty the loyalty of even the most discerning diners.

With its enticing flavors, warm ambiance, and impeccable service, Paradise Dynasty is an ideal destination to create lasting memories and express gratitude to the remarkable dads who deserve to be honored on this occasion. Treat your father to an extraordinary feast and enjoy quality time spent together—a truly priceless gift.

Kenneth M. del Rosario
Kenneth has been writing for the Philippine Daily Inquirer for more than 17 years, covering travel, food, motoring, technology, real estate, and business, among others.