Let’s get the obvious out of the way—Spice Cafe is called such because the people behind it have a thing for—you guessed it—spices. This is why their dishes are full of flavors you’d want to taste over and over again.

And with a recently revamped menu, Spice Cafe has even more flavors to offer its very discerning diners.

Located at the seventh floor of the City Garden Grand Hotel in Makati City, Spice Cafe opened to the public in 2014, a couple of months after the hotel itself launched. When the restaurant first opened, the menu was quite limited, considering how diverse the hotel guests are.

From offering just Filipino cuisine, Spice Cafe now offers sumptuous dishes that have more Asian and Western flavors to cater to guests that come from all over the world, like the US, India, and the Middle East.

Portion sizes have gotten a bit of a bump, too, to make sure guests leave the restaurant feeling full and satisfied.

While Spice Cafe is still temporary closed because of the lockdown restrictions in the Metro, City Garden Grand Hotel reopens its doors this Friday, June 26.

Among the favorites are the baby back ribs (slow roasted, served with buttered vegetables, etc); and the fillet mignon steak (beef fillet with herb butter, served with roasted vegetables, etc).

There’s so much culinary delights to sample at the Spice Cafe that it has practically become a foodie destination in this part of Makati City.

Spice Cafe continuously uses time-tested techniques to develop rich and unique offerings for their guests. This way, there’s always something new in the menu, to add to the staple of well-loved items that their patrons look for.

To check operating hours, call (02) 8554-3428.