You don’t have to go to Hong Kong to satisfy your craving for authentic Hong Kong style cuisine,  described as a seamless fuse of western and eastern style cooking.

Right here in Manila, you can enjoy these savory dishes. Hong Kong-based Honolulu Cafe has opened two branches here in Manila–at Robinsons Place Manila and SM Aura Premier in Taguig. The restaurant offers eclectic dishes that are a perfect blend of eastern and western flavors.

It doesn’t only serve authentic Hong Kong style cuisine. Honolulu Cafe also serves breads and pastries. In fact, the restaurant has become famous for its egg tarts.

The restaurant’s signature pastry is baked to perfection. A bite of its flaky crispy crust adds to the enjoyment of its creamy and tasty filling. Once you’ve eaten a piece, you couldn’t help but finish the whole box.

People flock to Honolulu Cafe not just for the egg tarts. It has other offerings—dishes described as comfort food in Hong Kong that fill the tummy yet delight the taste buds.

There are a lot of choices and they include inviting pork buns, stir fried noodles, curry dishes, fried rice, spaghetti (Hong Kong style) and barbecued meat selections. The latter is available only at Honolulu Cafe in Robinsons Place Manila.

Honolulu Cafe recently expanded their menu and the new offerings are flavorful as well.

Deep Fried Chicken with Pineapple Plum Sauce (P388), served either in full or half chicken, is pure delight. Once you sink your teeth into its very crunchy golden brown skin, you can taste the juicy meat and the sweetness of the pineapple. The taste is a perfect balance of flavors.

Hong Kong Curry in Casserole, the beef version (P328), has very tender meat, with almost like melt-in-your mouth texture, and the sauce that goes with it is very rich and creamy with a hint of sweetness.

From the barbecued meat selections, you can opt for the Soy Chicken (P450 for half and P900 for full). Enjoy the juicy delicious meat, which you can dip in either sweet soy or grated ginger mixed in oil. 

There’s also the all-time favorite Roasted Pork Belly (P450 regular, P675 half) and the Roasted BBQ Pork (P400 regular, P600 half), whose tastes are familiar to the Filipino palate.

The Curry Fish Ball (10 piece fish balls served in curry sauce) is a recommended appetizer while waiting for other dishes to be served.

As to breads and pastries, Honolulu Cafe offers a number of delightful ones to go perfectly with one’s coffee or hot tea. Honolulu Bolo Bun (P50 a piece) is a soft bun served warm with butter filling. A new addition is the Coconut Cocktail Bun (P60), a soft bun with sweet and cheesy grated coconut as filling (kinda reminds you of local bakery’s pandecoco but more tasty and creamy).

To quench one’s thirst, Honolulu offers its signature drinks, such as Watercress Honey Drink, HK Style Iced Coffee, HK Style Milk Tea, and Iced Red Bean with Milk—the latter can very well serve as a dessert to finish your meal.

Honolulu Cafe opened in the Philippines last year. The restaurant was founded in Hong Kong in the 1940s by Mr. Yeung Jin Hei. It has become a popular restaurant in Hong Kong where droves of locals and tourists go because of the affordability of its delicious dishes. 

It is widely regarded as the original “cha chaan teng” or tea restaurant dining concept in Hong Kong that serves affordable quick meals. Cha chaan tengs are hole-in-the-wall cafes that blend together eastern comfort food and western pastries dishes in their menu.

Honolulu Cafe is now managed by Jin Hei’s son Derrick Yeung Siu, who has successfully established branches outside of Hong Kong. Apart from Manila, Honolulu Cafe is present in Beijing, Taipei, Taichung, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur.Must-try new dishes at Honolulu Cafe