Greenbelt Park is a park within a mall complex in the middle of the city

Photo by Kenneth M. del Rosario

Greenbelt Park is perhaps the most unique kind of green space in Makati. Unlike other parks that are usually situated in the middle of a residential area or in the midst of an urban setting, the Greenbelt Park is actually located inside the vicinity of a mall.

The fact that it’s inside a mall complex—Greenbelt—tells you that this park is on the smaller side of the scale. In fact, it feels more like a mini garden, in that it has a rather intimate vibe.

But Greenbelt Park manages to turn its size into its advantage. When inside the green space, there’s a feeling of being embraced by an old friend, like going under a duvet.

Photo from Make it Makati Facebook Page

While other parks are built for more active and outdoor activities (you won’t see anyone working up a sweat here), the Greenbelt Park is ideal mostly for relaxing. It’s really a nice green space to rest in between intense shopping and dining sprees.

There’s a nice pond with lots of koi fishes, which always amazes the kids. If you want a breather from looking after the extra energetic young ones, bring them here and ask them to count the koi fishes. That should buy you a good 15 minutes of peace.

There are no benches in the main garden, where the koi fishes are located. That’s probably because that area is really meant for strolling. There are, however, several benches in the adjacent green spaces near the main garden.

Photo by Cacciamani Greta

Greenbelt Park looks lovely at night as well, with carefully installed lighting fixtures on the beautiful palm and decades-old trees that ups the romantic feel of the place. But be warned: Watch your step when you’re in the area, lest you want to join the fishes in the pond (please don’t).

As the park is one of the mall’s “amenities” or features, entrance to the park is free of charge. It’s also nice to know that the Greenbelt Chapel is literally a stone’s throw away. In fact, visitors are able to hear Mass from the park.

The park is also nearby the Ayala Museum (which is closed at the moment because of the pandemic).

So whether you’re a tourist looking for a soothing, relaxing greenery after a long day of going about in the city, Greenbelt Park is that zen-like place to re-group and re-energize.

Kenneth M. del Rosario
Kenneth has been writing for the Philippine Daily Inquirer for more than 17 years, covering travel, food, motoring, technology, real estate, and business, among others.