This summer, don’t forget your sunscreen when you travel for fresh-looking skin

chesca kramer said it’s hard for her to believe that she’s now teaching her eldest, kendra, the importance of putting on sunscreen for overall skin health.

With summer in full swing, the beach beckons everyone to dip for much-needed relief from the heat. And while getting the perfect tan looks cool to many, it may not be the healthiest thing for your skin.

Thankfully, there is a way to soak up the summer sun safely. The solution is to simply apply sunscreen.

But not just any sunscreen will do. For the sunscreen to work, it must have a strong and effective enough SPF or sun protection factor. That’s according to celebrity Chesca Kramer, who never leaves the house without putting it on.

“Aside from having a strong SPF, it should be very light, without the white cast, because I cover it with make-up,” she said. It’s how she—and, now, her daughter Kendra—maintains her fresh-looking skin even after long hours of exposure to the sun.

The luxe organic aqua daily sunscreen spf50 PA+++ is ideal for everyday use.

Because she started in the show business at a young age, she immediately knew the importance of following a skincare regimen to maintain her good looks, especially her glowing skin. 

“I am usually asked what the secret is for younger-looking skin, and my answer is always sunscreen and serums. It’s important to use SGS-tested and approved sunscreens to be sure that the ones we use really have UV protection,” she said.

When it comes to sunscreen, Chesca trusts Luxe Organix. For everyday use, she uses the Luxe Organix Aqua Daily Sunscreen SPF50 PA+++, which she likes because of its quick absorbing and non-greasy properties.

“I love that it is water-based, lightweight, and has no white cast. We even brought it during our last trip to Boracay,” she said. 

Because it contains aloe vera extract, Luxe Organix also works on 13-year-old Kendra, who also has sensitive skin.

“My personal favorite is their new Luxe Organix 5-in-1 UV Pro Whitening Serum Sunscreen because it can lighten the skin while preventing melasma, wrinkles, and dark spots,” she said.

Another variant is the Luxe Organix High Protection Perfecting UV Tint Serum Sunscreen, which adapts to up to 10 skin tones. It has light coverage but can cover some blemishes while providing protection from the sun.

One can never be too young to have a healthy skincare routine, Chesca said. This includes applying sunscreen that’s appropriate for the occasion—and the (summer) season.