Palanca Award-winning author and medical doctor Luis P. Gatmaitan releases his latest title “Ang Tatay Kong Mahilig Sa Instant,”  a children’s book about a father-magician tandem who learns that maintaining good health is not really an “instant” thing. 

Dr. Gatmaitan is the author of the 2002 children’s classic “Sandosenang Sapatos,” which tells of how a father’s love for his children encompasses all boundaries of love.

His new book, told from the perspective of eight-year-old Cathy, tells of the magical adventures of the girl and her single father, Mang Manolo, a street food vendor and part-time children’s party magician. Like his magic tricks, most of the food that Mang Manolo prepares and enjoys is instant: fried chicken, hotdogs, donuts, and instant coffee. What happens when all of his instant food habits lead to his collapse in the middle of performing a magic trick?

“Ang Tatay Kong Mahilig Sa Instant” explores health issues in an engaging, easy-to-understand, and entertaining manner. This book centers on the relationship of diet and cardiovascular health. What is trans fat and where is it found? What happens when we consume too much trans fat? These questions are answered in an accessible and heartwarming way through good story telling.

“Ang Tatay Kong Mahilig Sa Instant” is illustrated by educator Jhucel Del Rosario and produced as part of a media fellowship of the Probe Media Foundation and ImagineLaw. It supports Trans Fat Free Philippines, a campaign on the regulation of trans fat in the Philippines. 

This story will be first released to the public on October 14 at 3:00 pm via an online storytelling session entitled “Kuwento Ko, Akda Mo” in collaboration with the National Library of the Philippines Book Cart Project, the storytelling initiative of the National Library of the Philippines. For more details, visit the Trans Fat Free Philippines page on Facebook. (Trans Fat Free Philippines)