A 4-star luxury at Lima Park Hotel

Lima Park Hotel and its enchanting poolside at night

(Second of two parts)

After a half day of fun activities at Batangas Lakelands, we checked in at Lima Park Hotel in Malvar.

Lima Park Hotel sits within Lima Commercial Estates where industrial buildings and outlet stores are located. It’s a four-star hotel with a grand entryway. The hotel has 120 well-appointed rooms neatly housed in three floors. The pathways are stylish and spacious. It also has three restaurants but only the Brew Company, a cafe at the lobby, was open during our stay perhaps still due to the lingering pandemic. They offer packed meals, drinks, burgers, cakes and pastries. You have the option to order at the cafe or you can have it delivered to your room.

Our deluxe room was located at the lower ground which gave us easy access to the pool.

The Brew Company Cafe at the hotel lobby

We were able to walk around the pool in the evening, where earlier a lot of guests where enjoying their dip. The light effects from the rooms and the surroundings as they reflect the water were magical, not to mention the coconut trees that added to the enchanting atmosphere. It was a serene and enjoyable night.

The following morning, we were told that we could have our breakfast at Lima Park Hotel’s Plum Restaurant located at the lower ground. We could have just ordered at the cafe at the lobby but since there were a lot of guests during that time, they decided to offer a breakfast buffet.

Before our checkout, we visited the store outlets which are just a few minutes walk from the hotel. It was fun because most of the branded goods you wanted to check on – shoes, bags, clothes, accessories – were there and you can really get them at bargain prices. You can also find good buys in the outlet stores in Lipa. You just need to have lots of patience walking around because the outlet center is huge. While we weren’t able to buy any, we’re grateful we got to stay at Lima Park Hotel, and also discover the outlet stores. We look forward to coming back here again.