Activities and features that make a stay at lyf Malate more exciting, memorable, fun

play foosball or relax. photo by kenneth m. del rosario.

Since it welcomed its first guests in June of this year, lyf Malate has been redefining the hospitality experience for a new generation of travelers in the country. As the first-of-its-kind concept by The Ascott Limited, lyf Malate offers contemporary co-living spaces that encourage community engagement for individuals seeking more than just a typical hotel stay.

From the moment guests step into lyf Malate, they are greeted with an energetic and vibrant atmosphere that complements the vision of fostering a strong sense of community among its patrons. The strategic location in Manila allows guests to experience the local culture while enjoying the modern comforts that lyf provides.

Here are some of the many activities and features that guests can try out and experience that would make their stay in lyf Malate a more exciting and memorable one:

fully equipped kitchen. photo by kenneth m. del rosario.

    1. Cook your own food. Unlike traditional hotels, lyf Malate offers a unique opportunity for guests to showcase their culinary skills in the fully equipped community kitchen known as the “Bond.” Whether you’re a seasoned chef or just someone experimenting with new recipes, the social kitchen allows guests to whip up a gastronomic masterpiece while bonding with other individuals.

    hotel lobby. photo by kenneth m. del rosario.

    2. Bring your pet. lyf Malate is an ideal hotel for pet-loving travelers. For a minimal fee, guests can bring their medium-sized dogs along for the adventure, eliminating the need to leave their furry companions behind during their stay.

    unwind. photo by kenneth m. del rosario.

    3. Play foosball and relax. The Communal Lounge at lyf Malate provides a welcoming space for guests to relax, work, study, or simply have a good time. The foosball table adds an element of fun to the environment, encouraging guests to interact and enjoy their stay even more. For those seeking solitude, the “Nook” offers a private working space where they can concentrate on tasks without distractions.

    e-chariot ride. photo from lyf malate Instagram page.

    4. Ride an e-chariot to tour Intramuros. lyf Malate’s proximity to Intramuros, the historic walled city of Manila, is a great advantage for history enthusiasts. But what sets lyf apart is the opportunity for guests to tour Intramuros in style by riding an e-chariot, an electronic mobility device that offers a unique and eco-friendly way to explore the area.

    spacious rooms. photo by kenneth m. del rosario.

    5. Laundry made enjoyable. While doing laundry might not be on everyone’s vacation agenda, the modern and stylish laundry area at lyf Malate might change their mind. Guests can wash and iron their clothes at no extra charge at the “Wash and Hang” social launderette, ensuring they have fresh clothes throughout their stay.

    how cool are these artwork? photo by kenneth m. del rosario.

    6. Karaoke with friends. Filipinos love to sing their hearts out, and lyf Malate understands this cultural passion. While there is no dedicated karaoke room, the “Unwind” al fresco area, doubling as a dining spot, can be transformed into a karaoke zone upon request for guests looking to showcase their vocal talents.

    burn those calories off, baby. photo by kenneth m. del rosario.

    7. Sweat it out at the gym. Staying fit on the road is essential for many travelers. At lyf Malate, guests can continue their health and fitness routine in the fully-equipped “Burn” social gym, accessible 24 hours a day. The gym offers a range of machines and equipment, ensuring that fitness enthusiasts can maintain their workout regimen during their stay.

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