Boracay sunset. Photo from The Philippines Facebook Page

After enduring one of the world’s longest lockdowns, Filipinos are optimistic to get back to traveling again. However, and no surprises here, hygiene and safety play a huge role in whether Filipinos would push through with booking that vacation.

That’s according to Agoda’s Welcome Back to Travel survey, which found that 70% of Filipinos think they would be able to travel domestically by the end of 2021. Around 47% believe that they would be able to do so with restrictions, while 20% expect to be able to travel without any restrictions before 2022.

“There is certainly confidence and optimism that travel will start to return to normal before the end of the year, if done safely. At Agoda, we have used our technology expertise to innovate with products and features that allow travellers in the Philippines and across the globe to book their accommodations safely, conveniently, and with flexibility should they need to change their plans,” said Enric Casals, Agoda Regional VP of Southeast Asia and Oceania. 

Hinagdanan Cave, Panglao Island, Bohol Photo from The Philippines Facebook Page

Here are Pinoy’s top three considerations for near future travel: 

1. Hygiene and safety

Almost half (48%) of participants cite hygiene and safety standards as their biggest consideration for post pandemic travel. For travellers looking to get back to travel safely, look out for Agoda’s HygienePlus label, a feature that allows guests to easily identify hotels that ensure strict hygiene and safety standards in their accommodation choice—which range from the provision of face masks, temperature checks, daily disinfection, to contactless check-in and check-out process. 

2. Proximity to tourist attractions

With almost half of respondents looking forward to a family getaway, the hotel location is a priority to ensure there is something for everyone. It’s no wonder then that proximity to tourist attractions is the second consideration for future travel. Filipino travellers look for accommodation options that allow them to enjoy unique experiences all in one place.

3. Combination of deals 

Getting a great deal is the third most popular consideration for Filipinos. Agoda suggests checking out its GoLocal Tonight feature, which provides great discounts; or Agoda Special Offers, which offer value add deals including dining, spa, and enhanced services such as early or late check-in/out.