Aqua Skin launches oral sunblock with patented plant-based ingredients

don’t forget the sunblock on your next trip to the beach. photo by Kenneth m. del rosario

Outdoor getaways are fun, but without proper care, they could be detrimental to one’s skin, especially if your destination involves lots of soaking up the sun, such as swimming on the beach or hiking in the mountains.  

Putting sunblock on is a huge help to avoid damaging the skin while on the go. But others aren’t too fond of the often sticky substance on their skin. 

This is why Aqua Skin recently released an oral sunblock—protection from the sun that is taken like any regular pill. It’s a first in the Philippines with patented plant-based Polypodium Leucotomos as its main ingredient (500mg, the highest dosage of sun protection available in the market). 

Eliminating that sticky feeling, downtime, and possible skin irritation, Aqua Skin Oral Sunblock promises fast absorption by the body. Because of its easy-to-consume capsule form that is taken once a day, anyone can carry it with them on their travels. Its systematic formulation guarantees full protection under the sun the whole day.

“Aqua Skin products are inspired by various Japanese beauty regimens, which have been renowned for their affordability and effectiveness. Aqua Skin products are made to improve beauty and wellness, flaunting Japan’s finest ingredients,” said Jeffrey Amurao Geronimo, founder of Aqua Skin.

Aqua Skin Oral Sunblock is the first sunblock with patented plant-based Polypodium Leucotomos as main ingredient

The launch of the Aqua Skin Oral Sunblock promises to provide a new level of protection to travelers with fewer side effects and more convenience.

“Image and integrity play a vital role in our products,” he said. “This is why we want to make sure that all our products have been tested and are marked safe for use by people to help them boost their confidence as well as their beauty, inside and out.”

Geronimo said they take pride in their products not only because they are effective but also because they make them affordable for every Filipino customer to enjoy.

Aqua Skin launched in 2020 when most businesses were closing shop or facing challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. But Geronimo was set on providing its Filipino customers with beauty solutions that they could afford without sacrificing their health and beauty. 

Aqua Skin’s main office in the Philippines is located in Angeles City in Pampanga, but it currently houses 45 mega distributors and 350 wholesalers and resellers around the globe.

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