El Gaucho Argentinian Steakhouse continues to grill premium cuts of beef, giving steak lovers in Manila much needed comfort food that is hearty, juicy, and perfectly grilled.

The resto opened its doors in late 2019, with its location peppered with playful details and an overall down-to-earth vibe. 

The location in Makati is the first in the country, and the 13th in Southeast Asia. It gives the Argentinian steakhouse restaurant a bigger foothold in the region as it further expands in Vietnam, Thailand, and Hong Kong.

The term gaucho refers to a native cowboy of the South American pampas, where cattle raising is a primary way of life.

That’s why at El Gaucho, only the finest steakhouse-style food make it to the diners. It uses the best available meat products sourced from selected farms in Victoria, New South Wales, and individual farmers and ranchers in the United States. 

El Gaucho is all about the original flavour of the naturally raised meat, sourced from cattle raised in a nutrient-rich, stress-free environment, with no exposure to hormone growth promotants. All meat products in El Gaucho are Halal-certified.

The steakhouse classics are then served with a modern approach on ingredients, preparation and combinations. And while steak is clearly the star of the show, there’s a wide variety of specialty dishes at El Gaucho, as well as some vegetarian options like avocado salad.

As if the sumptuous steaks aren’t reason enough to come (they are!), El Gaucho has an impressive selection of international wines to go along with them. After all, how can you go wrong pairing a thick and juicy slice of El Gaucho steak with an equally fine wine?

El Gaucho’s location in Makati City is located on the ground floor of Trump Tower, an upscale skyscraper serviced apartment by Century Group. The restaurant features a single floor open space with an inviting bar, private dining room, and cozy seating area. 

With floor to ceiling windows, the spacious venue offers an uninterrupted view of the Makati skyline, adding yet another layer to the unique dining experience at El Gaucho. 

The mixture of elegant, rustic, and modern interior design elements enhanced by contemporary sensibility makes it easily a place suitable for couples, business gatherings, as well as a simple gathering of friends and family.