Five smart travel hacks for a smooth Holy Week road trip

Saud Beach in Ilocos Norte. Photo by Kenneth M. del Rosario. #NLEXLakbayNorte

As the country’s long Holy Week weekend approaches, the anticipation for travel and reunions with loved ones grows stronger. With highways and expressways expected to be filled with motorists going home to their respective provinces, it is important to ensure safe and efficient trips.

Here are five savvy travel hacks from MPT Mobility, designed to enhance your Holy Week road trip experience:

  1. Prepare your travel essentials in advance

Before hitting the road, gather all the necessary items for your journey. Pack a first aid kit and any required medications, as well as clothing and snacks. To keep spirits high during long drives, curate a road trip playlist in advance. For those traversing NLEX, SCTEX, NLEX Connector, CAVITEX, C5 Link Flyover, CALAX, and CCLEX, streamline your travels by installing an Easytrip RFID or CCLEX RFID. Additionally, download the MPT DriveHub app for added convenience, while NLEX Drive & Dine offers a welcome respite during your trip.

Awesome Hotel in La Union. Photo by Kenneth M. del Rosario. #NLEXLakbayNorte
  1. Embrace cashless tollways with RFID stickers

With the advent of cashless toll collections on expressways, expedite your journey by obtaining an RFID tag for your vehicle. Easytrip RFID and CCLEX RFID are indispensable for seamless toll payments and swift passage through RFID lanes. Ensure hassle-free installation by visiting designated stations, allowing you to breeze through NLEX, SCTEX, NLEX Connector, CAVITEX, C5 Link Flyover, CALAX, and CCLEX with ease.

  1. Utilize a comprehensive travel companion app

Enhance your driving experience with the MPT DriveHub app, which serves as your ultimate travel companion. Linked to your Easytrip or CCLEX RFID account, the app simplifies balance checking and reloading. Stay informed about expressway traffic updates and access roadside assistance in case of emergencies. Furthermore, utilize its rest stop locator to optimize breaks during your journey.

Bale Batu in Arayat, Pampanga. Photo by Kenneth M. del Rosario. #NLEXLakbayNorte
  1. Take regular breaks to recharge

Break up your journey by making strategic stopovers, such as the enticing NLEX Drive & Dine. Indulge in a diverse culinary experience, ranging from savory steaks to Japanese delicacies. Explore premium retail outlets for fashion finds or simply unwind amidst the spacious amenities offered. These breaks not only refuel your body but also rejuvenate your spirit for the road ahead.

  1. Ensure vehicle readiness for long-distance travel

Beyond fueling up, prioritize your vehicle’s maintenance by scheduling a Periodic Maintenance Service (PMS) before departure. Equip your car with essentials like a spare tire and an automotive tool kit to address any unforeseen issues en route. By attending to these details, you safeguard against potential disruptions during your journey.

Waves Point in La Union. Photo by Kenneth M. del Rosario. #NLEXLakbayNorte