Flaming beef ribs, fried ice cream at Boracay’s Hobbit Tavern

Hobbit Tavern, at D’Mall in Boracay

Boracay is teeming with travelers which is not seen during this pandemic, primarily because of the eased restrictions and with less requirements when you want to go to this world-famous beach island.

D’Mall, the open air shopping center at the heart of Boracay, is so engrossed in accommodating excited tourists like never before, with customers filling its restaurants and cafes anytime of the day.

One of its occupants, the Hobbit Tavern, is more than a great pub with good food, beer and live music. This food house is maintaining a number of little fellows as part of its working staff. Very welcoming and friendly, those who have been here know that they have become the face of the pub.

The flaming dragon bone

Spacious compared to other restaurants or pubs at the world famous beach, the tavern has a big wine rack, there are also seats where you can drink and watch the live band. We liked the big beautiful paintings with Greek mythology gods as subjects, which are displayed on the walls and ceiling. The European touch is present under a palm mangrove roof cover.

Hobbit Tavern’s food was fantastic. The pop-up Roxas oysters were mouthwatering. It was served with four types of dishes, fresh, grilled, fried and rockefeller. The beef cheese balls were very good too. It’s a beef-potato-cheese croquette with barbecue sauce. And of course, together with our companions, who could forget their dragon bones, the flaming beef ribs fit for a dragon slayer.

Fresh from the grill, our very accommodating little fellows poured alcoholic drink, blazed it and presto, it’s on for a show. Not only that, the ribs melted in the mouth, it was as good as it was presented.

Lunch at Hobbit Tavern

Smokey, juicy and very tasty. Another must try is their spaghetti bombolini. It’s with meatballs and fried cheese, olives and cherry tomatoes in red sauce, topped with parmesan cheese. The mixed seafood was from the bounty of the sea. It’s a combination of clams, mussels, squid and prawns. It’s very good with rice. We also loved their chicken buffalo salad. It’s a combination of mixed vegetables topped with chicken buffalo fillet flavored by blue cheese dressing. All came in big servings which are good for three to four people.

For dessert, we had fried ice cream, our first time trying it. Everything was great and it was worth all the calories. Our Hobbit Tavern visit is one of the main highlights of our Boracay experience.

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